Valentines Day Quiz

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1. When were the first commercial American Valentine's day cards produced?
a) 1912
b) 1901
c) 1875
d) 1849

2. Who invented "Sweethearts," the famous candy conversation hearts?
a) Oliver Chase
b) Daniel Chase
c) Christopher Necco
d) Mrs. See

3. When are most Valentine's Day cards purchased?
a) On Valentine's Day itself
b) In the two weeks prior
c) In the six days prior
d) In the two days prior

4. Who invented the first Valentine's Day candy box?
a) Milton Hershey
b) Richard Cadbury
c) Mrs. Milton Hershey
d) Mrs. Richard Cadbury

5. Where did the term "wear your heart on your sleeve" originate?
a) Sewing a red heart on your sleeve in the middle ages meant you were a widow
b) In the 1600s, beggars wore paper hearts on their sleeves
c) In the 17th century men would write the name of their sweetheart on a piece of paper and pin that to their sleeve
d) In Victorian England women pinned a black heart on the sleeves of their coats when their husbands died

6. Who did the Pilgrims send Valentines to?
a) Their betrothed
b) The Indians
c) John Smith
d) The King of England

7. Back in the 1920s, Al Capone's gang ambushed members of a rival gang in an incident that became known as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Who headed the rival gang?
a) Bugsy Siegel
b) George Moran
c) Lucky Luciano
d) Jimmy Fingers

8. Cards are the most popular thing to give on Valentine's Day, but what ranks second in popularity?
a) Jewelry
b) Flowers
c) A drug puppy
d) Candy

9. Where is Valentine's Day in the ranking of most-popular American card-sending occasions?
a) First
b) Third
c) Second
d) Fourth

10. Originally, how many men named Valentine or Valentinus were allegedly saints who had "romantic" stories written about them?
a) Two
b) Seven
c) Four
d) One

11. According to an American Greetings company survey, what's the average amount of money a man spends on his sweetheart on Valentine's day?
a) $158
b) $200
c) $125
d) $100

12. According to that same survey, how many women answering this survey said that receiving nothing for Valentine's day would be cause for a break up?
a) 60 percent
b) 50 percent
c) 30 percent
d) 55 percent

13. On average, how many roses are sold for Valentine's day?
a) Over 200 million
b) Over 1 billion
c) Over 100 million
d) Over 150 million

14. Every year Necco introduces some new sayings to go on the current year's "Sweetheart" conversation hearts. Which of the following is NOT one of this year's new sayings?
a) And
b) Home Soon
c) House Party
d) Back Home

15. Sticking with Sweethearts, since the turn of the century how many conversation hearts, "Sweethearts," has NECCO produced?
a) 900 million
b) 250 billion
c) 300 billion
d) 100 billion

16. Which of the following events did NOT happen on Valentine's Day (February 14)?

a) Oregon was admitted to the union as the 33rd state in 1859
b) Captain Cook was murdered by Hawaiian natives in 1779.
c) The Burma Road was reopened in in 1945
d) IBM was founded by Thomas Watson in 1924

17. What's the projection for how many Valentines will be exchanged in 2006?
a) 150 billion
b) 100 million
c) 170 billion
d) 190 million

18. According to an old legend, if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine's day, it meant she would marry a ______?
a) Millionaire
b) Sailor
c) Doctor
d) Homosexual

19. What's supposed to happen if you get hit by Cupid's arrow?
a) You fall in love with the first person you see
b) You fall in love with your soulmate
c) You fall in love with Cupid
d) Nothing happens except that you have an arrow in your butt

20. Which of the following countries does NOT celebrate Valentine's day?
a) Canada
b) Mexico
c) Germany
d) England

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