"I Love Lucy" Quiz

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1. What was Ethel's maiden name?
a) Smith
b) Potter
c) Webb
d) Peters

2. What was the Ricardo and Mertzes' address in Manhattan?
a) 623 East 68th Street
b) 658 East 68th Street
c) 623 East 69th Street
d) 632 East 63rd Street

3. Lucy had originally wanted to different actors to play Fred and Ethel--who were these actors?
a) Ann Sothern and Walter Brennan
b) Eve Arden and Clifton Webb
c) Spring Byington and Harry Morgan
d) Bea Benederet and Gale Gordon

4. WWhat was the name of the older woman who lived in the building and frequently babysat for little Ricky?
a) Mrs. Trumbull
b) Mrs. Turnbull
c) Mrs. Trumby
d) Mrs. Turnblad

5. When Lucy pretended to be the Maharincess of Franistan in order to get Ricky publicity, Ricky and Fred discovered what she had done and pretended to be Franistanian radicals in order to get even. Lucy denied she was Franistanian to prevent them from killing her, but she had what Fred said was "the true sign of Franistan royalty." What was this?
a) Small feet
b) Red and black hair
c) Blue eyes and red hair
d) Pigeon toes

6. When Lucy and Ethel decided to sell homemade salad dressing, they did a TV commercial in which Ethel played ______?
a) Mary Margaret McBride
b) Mary Margaret McDaniel
c) Mary Margaret McMertz
d) Mary Margaret McGillicuddy

7. While doing take after take for the Vitametavegamin commercial, Lucy got drunk fairly quickly. It was only then that anyone noticed how much of the product was alcohol. Just how much alcohol did Vitametavegamin contain?
a) 43 percent
b) 51 percent
c) 35 percent
d) 23 percent

8. When Lucy discovers that Ricky's name was mispelled on their marriage license, she demands that he recreate their courtship and proposal and even get married again. Where had Ricky proposed the first time?
a) The Old River Hunt Club in Milford, Connecticut
b) The Stork Club in New York City
c) The Byram River Beagle Club in Greenwich, Connecticut
d) The Westport Country Club in Westport, Connecticut

9. For their 11th wedding anniversary, Ricky arranged to buy a string of pearls through a neighbor who worked for a jewlery company and could get them wholesale. Lucy hears them through the furnace pipe and is convinced Ricky is having an affair with the neighbor. What was the neighbor's name?
a) Joyce Stevens
b) Grace Foster
c) Carol Potter
d) Jeannie Smith

10. Lucy and Ethel belonged to a women's club that they were once even co-presidents of. What was the club's name?
a) Tuesday Afternoon Fine Arts Club
b) Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League
c) Thursday Afternoon Parlor Arts Society
d) Tuesday Afternoon Cultural League

11. What kind of car did the Ricardos and Mertzes drive to California in?
a) 1956 Cadillac convertible
b) 1955 Oldsmobile convertible
c) 1955 Pontiac convertible
d) 1954 Cadillac convertible

12. In one episode, Lucy and Ethel's favorite dress shop was up for sale and they decided to buy it. What was the dress shop's original name?
a) Merriweather's
b) Borden's
c) Valentine's
d) Hansen's

13. What was the name of the ship the Ricardos and Mertzes sailed to Europe on?
a) The Constitution
b) The Normandy
c) The Ile des France
d) The Queen Mary

14. In the episode when Lucy gets a loving cup stuck on her head, she got separated from Ethel--who had been functioning as her guide--and couldn't manage to get off of the train. At what subway stop was Lucy able to exit the train?
a) Flatbush Avenue
b) Fulton Street
c) Wall Street
d) Stillwell Avenue/Coney Island

15. After their move to "the country," the Ricardos, Mertzes, and new neighbors the Ramseys attend a country club dance where "the boys" continually danced with the 20ish blonde bombshell cousin of another member. What future star of her own TV show played the cousin?
a) Elizabeth Montgomery
b) Barbara Eden
c) Anne Francis
d) Connie Stevens

16. While on the European tour, Lucy goes on a hunger strike until Ricky agrees to buy her a dress which French designer?
a) Marcel DuChamps
b) Rene Pailliard
c) Yves Marcelleux
d) Jacques Marcel

17. While they were in Italy, on a train Lucy meets a famous Italian producer who hires her to play a small part in his upcoming film, "Bitter Grapes." What was the producer's name?
a) Mario Fellini
b) Guiseppe Frechetti
c) Franco Cosaro
d) Vittorio Fellipi

18. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the women's club Lucy and Ethel belonged to, it was decided that they'd put on an operetta. In order to save the royalty fee, Lucy and Ethel wrote the operetta themselves, but did it under fake names so no one would realize they had done it. What names did they use?
a) Ethel Romberg and Lucy Friml
b) Ethel Gershwin and Lucy Porter
c) Ethel Lerner and Lucy Lowe
d) Ethel Loesser and Lucy Frank

19. When Ricky decides to do an Indian-themed show at the club and hires the Mertzes to appear, but not Lucy, Lucy manages to get into the show anyway by making a deal with Ricky's partner, Juanita. What was the name of the song Lucy sang in this show?
a) Running Bear
b) By the Waters of the Minnetonka
c) Indian Love Call
d) Hiawatha's Moon

20. In one of the last "I Love Lucy" episodes, Lucy wants to compete in the annual "Best-Looking Garden" competition in Westport. However, Ricky only half mowed the lawn, so Lucy decides to hop on the riding mower herself. She loses control, ruins her neighbor's garden and ends up on a very old, rather famous Westchester street. What was this street's name?
a) Central Avenue
b) White Plains Road
c) Elmsford Avenue
d) Boston Post Road

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