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1. The war (I had drummed into my head since childhood) that I will watch any show about on The History Channel is _____?
a) The Korean War
b) World War I
c) Vietnam
d) World War II

2. I hate ______?
a) England
c) Italy
d) Scotland

3. The name of the dog on "The Little Rascals" was ______?
a) Balthazar
b) Stephen
c) Petey
d) George W. Bush

4. Who originally sang "Is That All There Is?"
a) Donna Summer
b) Peggy Lee
c) Patsy Cline
d) Kate Smith

5. Which of the following quotes is NOT from "Spinal Tap?"
a) "That's right, Bobbie Fleckman, the hostess with the mostess."
b) "It's such a fine line between stupid and clever."
c) "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree."
d) "This one goes to 11."

6. I have always said, I'll go see any movie--no matter how bad it is--if it's about _________?
a) The Antichrist
b) Teddy Roosevelt
c) Shoes
d) Pet rocks

7. What was the name of the first really famous Siamese twins?
a) Thelma and Louise
b) Chang and Eng
c) Mutt and Jeff
d) Mick and Keith

8. In one of my favorite cheesy-but-fabulous" movies, "The Best of Everything," the publishing company featured in the film was supposed to be in the Seagram's Building here in New York. What architect designed this building?
a) Le Corbusier
b) Frank Lloyd Wright
c) Stanford White
d) Mies van der Rohe

9. Who is the quote, "Don't fuck with me fellas, this ain't my first time at the rodeo" attributed to?
a) Hop Along Cassidy
b) Roy Rogers
c) Joan Crawford
d) Annie Oakley

10. Sometimes when I'm online I use the alias "Sugarpuss O'Shea." Where did I steal that name from?
a) Amanda De Cadenet
a) The book, "Valley of the Dolls"
b) The movie, "Ball O' Fire"
c) The made-for-TV movie, "Lace"
d) The opera, "Madame Butterfly"

11. Who was the only "Angel" to stay with the show "Charlie's Angels" for it's entire run?
a) Jaclyn Smith
b) Kate Jackson
c) Farrah Fawcett
d) Shelley Hack

12. Which of the following actresses would I pay to see in anything--bad movie, good movie, whatever?
a) Gwyneth Paltrow
b) Angelina Jolie
c) Cameron Diaz
d) Mira Sovino

13. When Stephen and I went to Baltimore in 2001, we got our picture taken with a group of seven ________?
a) Lesbians
b) Wild boars
c) Parrots
d) Dragons

14. There are four song titles listed below. I wrote all of them except one. Which one DIDN'T I write?
a) "The Heat"
b) "Old Girlfriends Never Die"
c) "Houdini Dies on Halloween"
d) "Back in the USSR"

15. According to one of my old teachers, there's a really good chance I'm going to hell because _________?
a) I'm "bold as brass"
b) I took part in replacing the head of the statue of the Virgin Mary with a duck head.
c) My saddle shoes were never polished.
d) The hem of my skirt was stapled up.

16. What was Ringo's real name?
a) Roberto
b) Raymond
c) Richard
d) Ramon

17. The strongest experimental evidence for quantum behavior is shown by:
a) The myth of papal infallibility
b) The theory that absolute power corrupts absolutely
c) Kathleen Turner
d) The phenomenon of interference

18. Who was the first presidential candidate to appear on "Laugh In?"
a) Millard Filmore
b) Richard Nixon
c) Dwight D. Eisenhower
d) Thomas Jefferson

19. In the movie "The Birds," all the major characters' eyes are what color?
a) Blue
b) Brown
c) Green
d) Gray

20. I wrote the liner notes for which CD listed below?
a) "101 Strings Play Black Sabbath"
b) "Peggy Lee -- In a Wheelchair But Still Swingin'"
c) "The Leif Garrett Collection"
d) "The Banana Splits Go Bananas"

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