Cocktail Quiz

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1. Ideally, what should a mint julep be served in?
a) A Collins glass
b) One of Gina Gershon's shoes
c) A silver mug
d) A silver mug with an insulated handle

2. What's the traditional main difference between "Punches" and "Cups?"
a) Cups all contain some amount of Champagne
b) Punches are served in a bowl; Cups are poured from a glass pitcher
c) Cups all contain some amount of club soda
d) Punches have more alcohol

3. What kind of liquor (you know, the main one) is used in a Singapore Sling?
a) Rum
b) Vodka
c) Gin
d) Rye

4. How many drops of bitters should go into a champagne cocktail, at least a decent one the way I make it (i.e., the correct way)?
a) Three
b) One
c) Just pour, you don't have to count
d) Two

5. Southern Comfort--what it is it, really?
a) Nobody knows, it's a secret
b) Bourbon and Calvados
c) Peach-flavored Bourbon
d) Bourbon with extra sugar

6. Back in December 1996, I had to be carried out of Candy Bar after ingesting too many what?
a) Candy Martinis
b) Chocolate Martinis
c) Zombies
d) Sloe Gin Fizzes

7. What's the main kind of liquor in a Side Car--at least one that's properly made? (Yeah, yeah, of course I can make one.)
a) Cointreau
b) Brandy
c) Whiskey
d) Rum

8. What's the "secret" ingredient I use when I make a Zombie? (Trust me when I say it's one of the bitchinest' drinks on the planet and well worth the price.)
a) Blood
b) Absinthe
c) Guava Nectar
d) None of the above

9. From what language did Rum get its name?
a) French (yeah, right)
b) Esperanto
c) Latin
d) Spanish

10. Pretend you're sitting on a veranda in Charleston and have just ordered a traditional Planter's Punch. Or you could be sitting in my backyard, since I can also make these. How many different "major" liquors are in Planter's Punch?
a) One--just dark Rum
b) Two--Rum and Bourbon
c) Two--Bourbon and Brandy
d) Three--Rum, Bourbon, and Brandy

11. Staying in the South for just another minute, how to you prepare the mint leaves used in a properly made Mint Julep?
a) Lightly crush them with a wooden spoon
b) Really crush them with a mortar & pestle
c) Tear up the leaves by hand and put them in the bottom of each glass
d) Have a cute girl crush the mint leaves with one her high-heeled boots

12. What kind of champagne do I prefer to use in my secret Champagne Cocktail recipe, passed down to me from my father?
a) Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial Epernay
b) None of the above
c) Louis Roederer Cristal Rose 95
d) Lanson Noble Cuve Vintage 1988

13. Where's the best place in New York City if you want to sit and drink a Stinger? (No, this isn't subjective.)
a) Dick's Bar
b) King Cole Bar in the St. Regis
c) The Rainbow Grill at Rockefeller Center
d) The Cubby Hole

14. What does the letter "S" stand for in "V.S.O.P" when used in the name of a Cognac?
a) Special
b) Stupid
c) Stephen
d) Superior

15. "Grog" was the traditional drink of sailors from the 1600s on. What did "modern" grog, i.e., from the mid-1700s on, consist of?
a) Just Rum
b) Rum and water
c) Rum, water, and sugar
d) Rum and butter

16. Growing up in South Carolina, at the Officer's Club (one of the few places I was NOT allowed to play bartender) they always served a particular kind of egg nog at holidays. I was told it was a traditional recipe used at some snooty club in Louisville, Kentucky. What distinguished this recipe from most others?

a) It was made with Rum
b) It was made with milk AND cream
c) It used only egg yolks, not whole eggs
d) It had some peach Brandy added for an extra kick

17. Although most bartenders couldn't make one now even if you put a gun to their heads, a "fizz" is a popular type of drink. Or it used to be. What makes a fizz a fizz?
a) Ginger beer
b) Champagne
c) Ginger ale
d) Seltzer/soda water

18. One of the most popular "fizzes" used to be a Sloe Gin fizz. What exactly IS sloe gin ?
a) Just Gin flavored with sloe berries
b) A liqueur made from gin and sugar and sloe berries
c) Just Gin, but Gin that's made by "special" monkeys in a big pot
d) A liqueur made from gin and sloe berries, no added sugar

19. What's the best kind of Zinfandel Port? (Yes, according to me; after all, it's my quiz.)
a) Peachy Canyon Zinfandel Port NV
b) Jessup Cellars 1999 Zinfandel Port
c) Clair Riley's Pirate Reserve 1999
d) Stuart Cellars 1998 Zinfandel Port

20. There's a famous very old drink called a Blue Blazer that my father often ordered at the Officer's Club. Where does this drink get its name?
a) It's made with blue curacao
b) It was first made at the exclusive Blue Blazer Club in Washington, DC
c) You set it on fire while mixing
d) It was first made by a bartender wearing a blue blazer

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