"The Birds" Quiz

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1. Hitchcock makes cameos in most of his later films--in what scene does he do this in "The Birds?"
a) He's Dan Fawcett, the guy who got his eyes pecked out by birds.
b) He rented Melanie the boat she uses to get to Mitch's house
c) He was the really big crow on the jungle gym at the Bodega Bay School
d) He's walking out of the bird shop when Melanie is walking in.

2. During one of the best "bad" scenes, Melanie reveals that she grew up without a mother, because hers. . .?
a) Was in a tragic-yet-fabulous sanitarium
b) Ran off with some hotel man from the east
c) Was a jackal
d) Died in a tragic-yet-fabulously-dramatic sailing accident

3. All the main characters in "The Birds" have the same eye color. What is it?
a) Grey
b) Brown
c) Blue
d) Hazel

4. When Melanie pretends to be a clerk in the bird shop, she lets a canary get out of its cage. Mitch traps it under a hat, and when he's putting it back in its cage, what classic line does he say?
a) "You know, a bird in the hand is worth three in the bush."
b) "Back into your gilded cage, Melanie Daniels."
c) "I wish I always had this much luck bagging chicks."
d) "Thank God--I thought that damn bird was going to steal my toupee to use as nesting material."

5. What happens on Melanie's boat ride back from leaving the birds at the Brenner's house--something that leads to one of the most hilarious scenes in the film?
a) The boat sinks
b) Her fabulous handbag falls overboard
c) She gets attacked/hit by a gull that leaves a gash on her forehead
d) She gets motor oil on her groovy pistachio-colored weekender

6. What's the name of Mitch's mother? (The one who only looks about 10 years older than he is.)
a) Lydia
b) Annie
c) Lucretia
d) Cathy

7. How did Melanie find out the name of Mitch's sister, the one she bought the lovebirds for?
a) The old coot at the general store
b) Annie Hayworth, the schoolteacher
c) Mitch told her in the bird shop
d) She guessed

8. The first night Melanie has dinner with the Brenner's, Lydia is very upset about something. What is it?
a) Her son Mitch is obviously quite taken with Melanie
b) Cathy likes Melanie more than her
c) Her son Mitch is such a big homo it's not even funny
d) The chickens won't eat

9. When I finally do my theatrical version of "The Birds," besides directing I want to play one of the parts. Who do I want to play?
a) Lydia
b) Mrs. Bundy
c) Cathy
d) The business guy who gets burned up in his car

10. What's my favorite shot in "The Birds?" And don't whine about how this is hard--if you know me, and we've even remotely talked about this film (which, if I know you, I'm sure we have) this is the first thing I mention.
a) The one where the birds start massing on the jungle gym at the school
b) The split shot of Melanie in the distance on the phone with Mitch and Annie close up sitting in a chair smoking
c) Lydia leaving the Fawcett farm after she finds the guy with his eyes pecked out
d) Melanie in the boat using the outboard motor

11. After the attack at the Fawcett farm, Lydia takes to her bed. When Melanie brings her some tea, we finally get to see her bedroom, and not surprisingly, it's all one color--walls, fireplace, windows, everything. What's the color?
a) Gold/mustard yellow
b) Off-the-rack blue
c) Grey
d) Pink

12. After the attack on the school, Melanie meets self-professed ornithologist, Mrs. Bundy. When Mrs. Bundy expresses surprise that the birds would have deliberately attacked the children at the school and asks why, what is Melanie's answer?
a) "They were after the children. . .because they couldn't find you, you old bat."
b) "They were after the children. . .to kill them"
c) "They were after the children. . .to steal their lunch money."
d) "Everybody knows birds hate children, you dowdy old les."

13. It's obvious from the beginning that Melanie's a rich girl. What does her "daddy" do for a living?
a) Owns an oil company
b) He's a politician
c) Publishes a leading San Francisco newspaper
d) He owns an airline

14. How did Hitchcock discover Tippi Hedren?
a) At a fashion show
b) He saw her in a "Vogue" layout
c) He walked by her on the street in New York
d) He saw her in a TV commercial

15. What's my second favorite shot in "The Birds?"
a) Annie Hayworth lying on her front sidewalk, dead
b) The close up of Melanie's face in the window after the business guy sets himself on fire, and the gas station starts to explode
c) Melanie slapping the obnoxious "you're evil, evil" lady in the restaurant
d) The kids getting attacked at Cathy's birthday party

16. After Cathy's birthday party, why couldn't Annie Hayworth stay for dinner?
a) She wasn't invited
b) She had to finish grading some papers
c) She had to go home and take a call from her sister in the east
d) She already had plans

17. What kind of sports car did Melanie drive?
a) An AC/Cobra 260
b) An MG A Coupe
c) A Fiat 2300 S
d) An Aston Martin DB2/4 Drophead Coupe

18. Why was Melanie in the birdshop to begin with?
a) She worked there part time
b) She was buying a mynah bird
c) She was buying a parakeet
d) She was buying bird food

19. Who designed Tippi Hedren's "costumes" for "The Birds?"
a) Edith Head
b) Coco Chanel
c) Adrian
d) Oleg Cassini

20. How many Academy Awards was "The Birds" nominated for?
a) Two
b) Three
c) One
d) Four

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