"Bionic Woman" Quiz

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1. What year was Jaime Sommers supposed to have been born?
a) 1953
b) 1950
c) 1947
d) 1949

2. What did OSI stand for?
a) Office of Scientific Intelligence
b) Office of Strategic Intelligence
c) Organization for Scientific Intelligence
d) Office for Secret Intelligence

3. What was the name of Jaime's bad-toupee wearing boss?
a) Steve Austin
b) Oscar Goldman
c) Rudy Wells
d) Ray Raymond

4. In one episode Jaime's allegedly dead former spy mother came back to visit her. But it could have been her mother's spy double, Chris Stuart, or someone else entirely. Who was it that really came to visit?
Jaime's mother, Ann Sommers
Chris Stuart, spy double of Ann Sommers
A fembot masquerading as Jaime's mother
An insane convict/former nemisis of Jaime's who had plastic surgery so she could look like Jaime's mother

5. How many seasons was "The Bionic Woman" on TV?
Two and a half
A little over three
One and a half

6. Once Jaime played host to an alien princess on the run from evil forces trying to depose her father and kill her family. What well-known actress played the aforementioned alien princess?
Nancy McKeon
Kim Fields
Sally Fields
Helen Hunt

7. They actually had the nerve to make the Bionic Woman masquerade as a nun in one episode. Why did the OSI send Jaime undercover in that convent?
To ferret out a Russian spy in the convent
To protect a female scientist who recently defected and was using the convent as a cover
They just wanted to see Jaime have to dress up as a nun
To ferret out an international smuggling ring that used the convent winery as a cover

8. Once Jaime played a governess/teacher for the daughter of a scientist working on for the government. She came because some sort of weird, possibly supernatural force was disturbing his work. Who played the freaky daughter?
Kim Fields
Molly Ringwald
Kristy McNichol
Jodie Foster

9. In one particularly hokey episode, Jaime masqueraded as a stewardess. What name did she use?
Summer Winters
Jaime Wagner
Jaime Winters
Spring Winterfield

10. In a recent made-for-TV movie, "Voyage of Terror," Ms. Wagner played a(n)_____?
Ship's captain

11. When not off being bionic, Jaime earned a living as a _____?
Karate instructor

12. When she was sent to Nashville to try to find a missing OSI agent, Jaime posed as a country singer by the name of ____?
Julie Barnes
Leah Longhorn
Jodie Lee
Linda-Lou Prescott

13. A really famous geezer actor--who I'm pretty sure is dead now and who you NEVER would have expected to have seen on this show--played Dr. Franklin, creator of the infamous "fembots." What was his name?
John Milton
John Houston
John Houseman
John Wayne

14. Jaime became bionic after she was almost killed in a _____?
Sky-diving accident
Plane crash
Motorcycle accident
Building collapse

15. Did the bionic woman ever marry the six-million-dollar man?
I'm a big loser and I'm not sure
I'm a dyke and I don't care--I wanna marry her!

16. What was the name of Jaime's bionic dog?
Mack daddy

17. When Jaime was in the previously mentioned beauty pageant episode, what was the pageant for?
Miss United States
Miss Air Force
Miss Global
Miss Northern Hemisphere

18. BEFORE Jaime went bionic, what did she do for a living?
She was a teacher
She was a model
She was a tennis pro
She was a professional golfer

19. In the two-part episode "Deadly Ringer," a convict had been surgically altered to be a perfect double of Jaime. What was this evil, faux Jaime's name?
Pat Krenwinkle
Lisa Galloway
Liz Owens
Leslie Van Houten

20. What was the first film Lindsay Wagner ever appeared in?
"To Sir with Love"
"The Monkey's Uncle"
"Beach Blanket Bingo"
"Wild in the Streets"

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