"All About Eve" Quiz

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1. What was the age difference between Margo and Bill?
a) 10 years
b) 12 years
c) 5 years
d) 8 years

2. When Margo first meets the evil Eve, she's starring in what hit Broadway play?
a) "Colonial Dames"
b) "Aged in Wood"
c) "Remembrance"
d) "Footsteps on the Ceiling"

3. Playwright Lloyd Richard's wife and Margo Channing's best friend, Karen, met her husband when he was a guest drama lecturer at Karen's college. Which of the Seven Sisters' colleges was it?
a) Mount Holyoke
b) Vassar
c) Radcliffe
d) Barnard

4. At the time he made "All About Eve," George Saunders (Addison) was married to quite a famous actress diva of the day. Who was she?
a) Joan Crawford
b) Zsa Zsa Gabor
c) Barbara Stanwyck
d) Eva Gabor

5. What was Eve Harrington's real name?
a) Gertrude Feeney
b) Laverne D'Fazio
c) c. Gertrude Slescynski
d) d. Laverne Spletzini

6. What actress was originally cast to play Margo Channing, but had to bow out shortly before filming was to begin?
a) Claudette Colbert
b) Tallulah Bankhead
c) Gertrude Lawrence
d) Ava Gardner

7. Who wrote the screenplay for "All About Eve?"
a) Dorothy Parker
b) Joseph Mankiewicz
c) William Faulkner
d) George Jean Nathan

8. When Addison introduces his escort, starlet Miss Caswell, to Margo, he says she's a graduate of what?
a) The Actor's Studio
b) The Tropicana School of Dramatic Arts
c) The Copacabana Academy of Dramatic Arts
d) The Copacabana School of Dramatic Arts

9. Speaking of Miss Caswell, she's generally always referred to as "Miss"--even in the credits. However, Addison does call her by her first name one time. What was her name?
a) Cynthia
b) Susan
c) Claudia
d) Deborah

10. Where did Margo and Bill announce their plans to get married?
a) 21
b) The Cub Room
c) The Copacabana
d) Sardi's

11. During Addison's introductory narration, he mentions that Margo made her Broadway debut when she was four years old. In what play?
a) "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
b) "Gypsy"
c) "Our American Cousin"
d) "Romeo and Juliet"

12. "All About Eve" is based a short story that originally appeared in what magazine?
a) "The New Yorker"
b) "Cosmopolitan"
c) "The Saturday Evening Post"
d) "McCalls"

13. What does Max Fabian ask Margo for at her party?
a) Aspirin
b) Pepto Bismol
c) Bicarbonate of Soda
d) Bromo Seltzer

14. When Eve is accepting her Sara Siddons Award, she tells the audience how she's leaving the next day for Hollywood, to star in a movie. She says, "For my heart is here in the Theatre. But three thousand miles are too far to be away from one's heart." After her speech, why does Margo tell Eve she doesn't have to worry about her heart?
a) She knows Eve's not really going to Hollywood
b) She says Eve's heart is frozen
c) She says Addison will take care of Eve's heart
d) She says Eve doesn't have a heart

15. The night of the infamous "fasten your seatbelts" party, what is Margo drinking?
a) Mint juleps
b) Martinis, very dry
c) Manhattans
d) Scotches, neat

16. In the first scene in the dressing room, Birdie tells Margo she needs new girdles and Margo tells her to buy some. What question does Birdie then ask her?
a) The same brand?
b) The same color?
c) The same size?
d) How many?

17. What was the name of Addison DeWitt's newspaper column?
a) "Theatre Tattle Tale"
b) "I Won't Tell"
c) "Just Between You and Me"
d) "Things I Promised Not to Tell"

18. What's the name of Lloyd Richard's new play that Eve sets out to connive and lie her way into the lead of, instead of Margo as everyone's been planning?
a) "Aged in Wood"
b) "Footsteps on the Ceiling"
c) "Remembrance"
d) "Colonial Dames"

19. When Addison raves to Margo about Eve's audition as her understudy, he says it was "something made of music and fire." When Addison tries to save it by adding, "Someday she'll be what you are," Margo replies, "A mass of music and fire. That's me: ___________." Pick what she said next.
a) An old kazoo and some sparklers
b) An old piano and a candelabra
c) A banjo and a Roman candle
d) A lute and a torch

20. Senior year in college for my final scene in my advanced acting class, I decided to do a scene from "All About Eve." (Which is why I own the screenplay to begin with.) Who did I play?
a) Margo
b) Karen
c) Eve
d) Miss Caswell

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