"Absolutely Fabulous" Quiz

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1. At one of Patsy's infrequent trips to her office, editor-in-chief Magda gets to say one of the best lines in all five (and counting) seasons on the show. According to her, "If the models get any younger, soon they'll be chucking _____?"
a) Babies out with the bathwater
b) 12 year olds down the runway
c) Twiggy into a fat farm
d) Foetuses down the catwalk

2. In the episode "Donkey" from the fourth season, both God and the Devil make an appearance. God is once again Marianne Faithfull, but who plays Satan?
a) Helena Bonham Carter
b) Anita Pallenberg
c) Sybil Danning
d) Eleanor Bron

3. What's the name of Edina's former husband Justin's boyfriend?
a) Oliver
b) Nicky
c) Marshall
d) Hamish

4. What's the name Eddy uses when referring to Saffy's good friend, Sarah?
a) Grimmy
b) Princess Titicaca
c) Lotte Loser
d) Mandy Rice Scabies

5. In the Ab Fab movie, ("The Last Shout") Patsy announces that she was a Bond girl. Eddy thinks she's hallucinating, but Patsy says, "No, I was in _____." What's the name of the "Bond" film that Patsy appeared in?
a) "Bond Meets Black Barbarella"
b) "Bond and Bollocks"
c) "Bond in Bolly"
d) "Bond Meets Black Emmanuelle"

6. Which of the following expressions has Patsy NOT called Saffy?
a) Stale old piece of toast
b) Bitch troll from hell
c) Sanctimonious sour-faced Judas
d) Trail of cat sick

7. In the "Hospital" episode, when Eddy has to have toe surgery and Patsy goes along to get a face lift, a very well-known (at least in the UK) former rock star appeared in Eddy's anesthesia-induced dream. Who was it?
a) Cliff Richard
b) Suzi Quatro
c) Petula Clark
d) Marianne Faithfull

8. When Patsy has an affair with a politician and the story runs in the papers, how old do they say the "Fash Mag Slag" is?
a) 47
b) 49
c) 45
d) 51

9. In the episode when Saffy has a crush on her philosophy professor and he's hitting on her, Eddy's mother tells him that "there's nothing as unattactive as a(n) _____?"
a) Old lech
b) Frisky professor
c) Frisky married man
d) Frisky old person

10. In season five, Eddy starts a book club, although it seems as though her only reason for doing it is because one of her friends has promised that a celebrity will be joining them. Who's the celebrity?
a) Amanda De Cadenet
b) Fergie
c) Elizabeth Hurley
d) Minnie Driver

11. What's the name of Eddy's minimalist married, recently-had-a-baby friend who Patsy says was "so anally retentive she wouldn't sit down for fear of sucking up the furniture."
a) Britt
b) Bettina
c) Penny
d) Bernina

12. In the "Death" episode, mother is taking a magazine quiz, and one of the questions is about Margaret Thatcher. Which of the following is NOT one of the possible quiz answers for how long Margaret Thatcher was in office?
a) 900 years
b) 300 years
c) 3000 years
d) 11 years

13. In the "Poor" episode, Eddy's idea of economizing is by buying a smaller car--even though that turns out to be a very expensive sports car. What kind of car was it?
a) Alfa Romeo Spider
b) Triumph TR6
c) Austin Healey Sprite
d) Alfa Romeo 147

14. When Patsy, Eddy, and Saffy find a pile of old "Razzle" magazines in Serge's old room, Patsy's very worried since she had once done a layout. What year did Patsy pose for "Razzle?"
a) 1974
b) 1970
c) 1972
d) 1974

15. In the fashion show episode, Patsy says that Eddy will go down in history as the woman who "put Princess Anne in a(n) ______?"
a) Lacroix mini dress
b) Vivienne Westwood catsuit
c) Gianni Versace bustier
d) Vivienne Westwood basque

16. In season five, Eddy is appalled when she learns Saffy is pregnant. That is, until she learns Saffy's baby is going to be multiracial. According to Eddy, a multiracial baby is the _______ of babies.
a) Gucci
b) Chanel
c) La Croix
d) Versace

17. Eddy is very proud of her new ISO tank until the end of the episode when Patsy tells her that _____?
a) It's leaking
b) The A-list have dolphin tanks
c) Fergie has one
d) this one isn't from Harrods

18. In the episode when mother locks Patsy, Eddy, and Saffy in the living room by mistake, Eddy finds out Saffy was expecting a "date." At the very end of the show Eddy says, "there's something hovering outside in a blue _____?"
a) Jacket
b) Kangol
c) Kagoul
d) Cadool

19. At the beginning of the "Poor" episode, Eddy is in her bedroom dressing up in what she considers a very "glam" outfit--one that should have been left back in 1972. An old glam hit is used as background music. What was the name of this song?
a) "Come Feel the Noize"
b) "Killer Queen"
c) "Suffragette City"
d) "Koocachoo"

20. Which of the following is NOT part of Patsy's full name?
a) Dido
b) Rimbaud
c) Rabelais
d) Cocteau

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