The Prince of Darkness

Hmm, if he hadn't made such a point about the guy being from Asia, I would have said it was Michael Jackson. . .

"Along the highway of life, we are still to meet the greatest Despot of the twentieth century, who will be known as the Prince of Darkness.

From the plains of Asia will come this disciple of the devil. . .and spread his power across the land, and the sea! And this Prince of Darkness will turn back the clock a thousand years. He will return women to a life of slavery and servitude. Gone will be the vows of marriage, the right to vote, and the power of choice. This tyrant of mankind will force woman to become a public prostitute, and servant of the state. And he, alone, will enjoy the monies of their shame.

But this demon of greed will not stop at the humiliation of women. He will enter the house of God, with the torch and his saber, and he will remove the name of God from the books, and from the tongues that dare speak it. Then after a span of thirteen years, he will be overthrown.

The period of his infamous rule will be 1975 - 1988."