Men Become Cannibals

For some reason, this "prediction" is the one that scared me the most. I'm not sure why; we didn't even live all that close to Pittsburgh, or even Pennsylvania. And I've never been particularly frightened by cannibals. I think it was the whole "secret government lab" thing--that whole thing still scares the hell out of me.

"We think of cannibalism as a thing of the past, practiced only in the wildest jungles far from our civilized way of life. However, even today cannibalism is practice in our own society but acts of such savagery are kept hidden from the public. I predict an outburst of cannibalism that will terrorize the population of one of the industrial cities in the state of Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh.

Our entire nation is dotted with experimental laboratories which are kept under constant guard and operated in complete secrecy. Little is known about these many plants and laboratories, for the experiments they conduct would startle and shock the entire world. Extreme precautions must be taken for the safety of every employee but quite often there are accidents that cannot be avoided. Naturally these accidents are hushed, for word of them would violate the secrecy that is so essential.

However, I predict one terrible accident that will become known, for it will be impossible to keep it within the confines of the walled and carefully guarded laboratory. I predict that one of the largest experimental laboratories in Pennsylvania will have a sudden release of gas from a large chamber. It will be swept through every sector of the installation. I predict that these fumes will enter the ventilation system carrying to every corridor of the laboratory and will effect thousands of employees. This gas will have been developed by a scientist who is working on nerve gases that affect man's mentality. This unfortunate scientist will be the victim of a heart attack and his sudden collapse will permit the dangerous fumes to be released ans swept through the entire laboratory.

The effect of the gas will be ghastly, for it will create in man a desire for raw flesh and it will be an uncontrollable hunger and lust. Men employed in the laboratory will seek to quell their appetites, and the acts they commit within the confines of these walls cannot be told. I predict many of them will satisfy unspeakable urges there, but others will leave the laboratory and search elsewhere to appease their maddened, crazed hunger. No one outside the laboratory will know what happened behind its guarded walls and the public will receive no warning until it is too late.

I predict that over one thousand flesh-mad and blood-crazed men will wander through the streets suddenly attacking unsuspecting victims. I predict that many of these animal-like men will be captured, but others will seek hiding places and elude the authorities. Countless numbers of men, women, and children will be kidnapped suddenly and will never be found. The state of Pennsylvania will go all out in an effort to stop this horrible mass murder and will begin the greatest manhunt the country has ever known.

I predict that hundreds of terrorists will be found and imprisoned by they will have had a chance to bring death to a great many innocent victims. Each and every day more bodies will be found, their flesh torn from their bones in a hungry manner. Many others will be found stripped of their clothing, bound and gagged in cellars and attics meeting a most horrible and foul death.

I predict that the wife of a government official fortunately will be rescued and she will tell the most horrifying tale ever to be released to the public. She will relate in detail the actions of three crazed men who abducted her and threw her into a cellar with many others, all of whom were tied and gagged and half-eaten. This poor woman will reveal that the clothing was ripped off her body and she was pushed into a corner with several male victims who were also stripped. She will tell how one by one the helpless captives were brought to the center of the cellar and while still alive they were attacked by three mad men who tore the flesh from their writhing and tormented bodies. I predict that this woman's story will be anonymously recorded and it will later be found that she is the wife of the Governor of Pennsylvania.

I predict no one will be permitted to enter the streets at night and during the day everyone will be ordered to travel in pairs. However, at night husbands will return home to find their wives and children missing. Clerks will disappear from shops and empty trucks will be found on roadways. People will refuse to leave their homes. Businesses will shut down and a state of terror will reign. Policemen will disappear from their corners, and post office employees will suddenly be gone.

I predict that many innocent men will be accused oof cannibalism and dragged away by angry mobs and put to death. I predict that the number of missing people will be frightfully high, but many will later be found unharmed. This horrible orgy will continue fo several weeks until the last crazed man is found and only then will the shocked and terrorized city return to normal. Mass mournings will be held for the victims. A smile will be unknown.

The fate of this city of Pittsburgh will never be forgotten, and I predict that added safety measures will be taken in all chemical laboratories to make certain there is no similar accident. Date: November 28 - December 21, 1980."