My Fourth iPod Playlist

Winter, 2002

When I used to review Web sites for a living, I often had to critique people's personal sites. Most included a section called "my favorite albums," or the like. Without fail, I would rake them over the coals.

That was over six years ago, and I've earned a living creating and doing tangible things online since then. One thing I've learned is that the point of a personal site IS to list things like "my favorite songs." (As long as it looks good--and no, that's NOT subjective. If you have no design skills, get someone who does to do it for you, the end, goodbye.) It's supposed to be a combination portfolio/bio/ultimate ego trip. Like saying whatever you want about yourself to a therapist for an hour every week, but a whole lot cheaper and much more creatively fulfilling.

I've had Sylvester for a couple of months now, and its STILL absolutely one of the best toys I've ever had. If you love music, you have to get an iPod--trust me on this.

  • Let's Get Loud -- Jennifer Lopez

  • La Bomba -- Ricky Martin

    I have no idea why I find this song so much more infectious than a lot of his other more well-known songs, but I do.

  • In Your Eyes (Roger Sanchez Mix) -- Kylie

    Kylie is totally fabulous and bitchin, no matter how old she says she is! (If she's really only 33, I'm an ovum.)

  • My Life/Mystery Babylon -- Thrill Kill Cult

  • Is That All There Is? -- Peggy Lee

    I defy anyone out there to show me a more deranged song than this that was as huge of a hit. Man, talk about depressing. "Is that all there is to a circus?" What the hell did she want, the tent to catch on fire?

  • Desperate But Not Serious -- Adam Ant

    Hmm. . .should I admit that I actually used to have an Adam Ant braid for a year or so way back in the age of "Ant Music?"

  • 20th Century Boy -- Placebo

    Not a bad version of the T-Rex classic recently discovered by seemingly every ad agency in town.

  • When I Get Home -- The Beatles

  • Along Comes Mary -- Bloodhound Gang

  • Androgyny -- Garbage

  • Keep It Comin' Love - KC & the Sunshine Band

  • Crazy (Spacedust Club Mix) -- Britney

    Dis her all you want, I love Britney and plan to be in her cabinet when she takes over the world, or at least the U.S.

  • American Jesus -- Bad Religion

  • I'll Never Say Never Again, Again -- Ozzie Nelson Orchestra

    Yeah, he used to lead a band way back before he and Harriet were ever married. That's how they met--she was a singer. If you care.

  • From This Moment On -- Ella Fitzgerald

  • Chances Are -- Johnny Mathis

    I'm an absolute sap for pretty love songs, and this is one of the best.

  • Bitch -- Republica

    "First they say they want you, say they really need you." Yeah, she said that. Crap; this just sucks.

  • Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again -- Lenny Kravitz

  • Heads Explode -- Monster Magnet

  • A Bit of You -- Rufus Wainwright

  • I loved Rufus even before he became the media's gay poster boy, and was lucky enough to have seen him recently courtesy of my friend Jim.

  • We Can Work It Out -- Heather Nova

    Loved her first CD, thought her second was kind of lackluster. But her version of this song is really catchy, and you're always taking a chance when you cover a classic by somebody like the Beatles.

  • Unforgiven -- The Go Gos

    I think this is a new song, but can't guarantee that. The lyrics are most excellent.

  • I Used To Love Her -- Guns N' Roses

    One of my favorite lyrics of all time: "I used to love her, but I had to kill her." Yeah, IF ONLY!!!

  • SOS -- La Bouche

  • Planets of the Universe (Dance Mix) -- Stevie Nicks

    You go, Stevie!

  • Fever (Dance Floor Mix) -- Madonna

  • Your Disco Needs You (w/German Spoken Part) -- Kylie

    There's a spoken part in the middle of this song, and in this version it's in German, which makes it even more of a hoot. The thing is, this song has a really pretty melody even though the title's kind of stupid.

  • 20th Century Fox -- The Doors

  • Downtown -- The Killer Barbies

    A really rockin version of the old Petula Clark song, even if the girls' German accents do seep through just a tad.

  • I Hate Myself for Loving You -- Joan Jett

    If I said that this song is the story of most of my life, would that make me sound like a pathetic loser? Yeah, probably, so forget I said anything.

  • Vintage Queen -- Goldfinger

  • Calling All Girls -- Rick Springfield

  • I'm Not Your Stepping Stone -- The Sex Pistols

    Yes, it IS the old Monkees song.

  • I Feel Love (Original 12" Mix) -- Donna Summer

  • Let The Sun Shine (Jonathan Peters' White Label Remix) -- The Fifth Dimension