My Second iPod Playlist

Winter, 2002

When I used to review Web sites for a living, I often had to critique people's personal sites. Most included a section called "my favorite albums," or the like. Without fail, I would rake them over the coals.

That was over six years ago, and I've earned a living creating and doing tangible things online since then. One thing I've learned is that the point of a personal site IS to list things like "my favorite songs." (As long as it looks good--and no, that's NOT subjective. If you have no design skills, get someone who does to do it for you, the end, goodbye.) It's supposed to be a combination portfolio/bio/ultimate ego trip. Like saying whatever you want about yourself to a therapist for an hour every week, but a whole lot cheaper and much more creatively fulfilling.

I've had Sylvester for a couple of months now, and its STILL absolutely one of the best toys I've ever had. If you love music, you have to get an iPod--trust me on this.

  • Forever -- Kid Rock

    Yeah, I know he's a skank, and generally I pretty much hate anything categorized as "hip hop."but this song really rocks. Plus, it's the perfect antithesis of most of the whiney "sensitive" white boy CRAP VH1 and MTV play now. ("Hit the road Jack, daddy's home!")

  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy (Dance Remix) -- Offspring

  • Just Push Play -- Aerosmith

  • Cinderella -- Britney

  • New York Groove -- Ace Frehley

  • Out of Control -- The Eagles

  • My Favorite Things -- Me First & The Gimme Gimmes

    A brilliant punkish cover of this song, especially the backup harmony vocals.

  • Criminal (Ultimix)

    I don't mind listening to Fiona, but I can't deal with looking at her. Isn't that whole skinny-girl-junkie-look thing over yet? Hey Fiona, eat a hamburger!

  • Temptation Eyes -- The Grassroots

  • Can't Get You Out of My Head (Extended Promo Single) -- Kylie

  • Diamonds (Ultimix) -- Janet Jackson

    The sampling in here from Marilyn's version of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" is excellent.

  • It's Over Now (Junior Vasquez Anthem Remix) -- Deborah Cox

  • Born To Be Alive (Extended) -- Patrick Hernandez

    Anytime Stephen comes into my office and hears this song, he squeals like a girl and says: "Now THAT'S music!"

  • Family Affair -- Mary J. Blige

  • Crazy/Jump Jump -- Britney/Kriss Kross

  • Heatwave -- Martha & The Vandellas

  • Hit Me Baby One More Time -- Fountains of Wayne

    At this point about the only person who hasn't done a cover of this Britney song is me. And I have a bitchin version in my head, but I'll never get it together to do by myself. Hey Doug, how about it?

  • If I Could Fall in Love -- Lenny Kravitz

  • Side -- Travis

  • A Friend in Need's a Friend Indeed -- Placebo

  • I've Been Waiting for You -- The Pixies

    This is a great "undiscovered" song from Neil Young's first solo record--still my favorite Neil Young album--that came out back in the late 60's. I didn't think anyone would ever be able to do it justice, but this version is okay.

  • Teenage Victory Song -- Weezer

    I'd like to do a version of this, except as "Pissed-Off-Almost-Middle-Aged- Lesbian Victory Song."

  • Scream (Scream Louder Remix) -- Michael Jackson

  • Phantom of the Opera -- Blink 182

    Believe it or not, this Andrew Lloyd Webber drivel is actually palatable when done as a rock song.

  • I Can't Love You Anymore -- Oleander

  • The Munster's Theme -- Rob Zombie

    Despite what Rob usually sounds like, this cover is very true to the original.

  • Kids in America -- The Muffs

  • Freak on a Leash -- Korn

  • Who Do You Love (Junior Vasquez Remix) -- Deborah Cox

  • Megamix -- Village People