"Viva Las Vinyl 1: "Cover Shots" Podcast

May, 2006

This is the second entry in the "Viva Las Vinyl" podcast series. And as you can probably tell from the title, these are all cover versions that I digitized from vinyl. You know "albums." "Records." And like the last Viva Las Vinyl podcast, most of these are from the late 70s--when the whole new wave thing really started--and early 80s.

If you know me personally, you know how I feel about the 80s. The 80s were definitely the first "Golden Age of Dorrit." Yes, hair and all. The second Golden Age of Dorrit was scheduled to start this year, but for some unknown reason seems to have gone horribly, horribly awry--much to my consternation and a few other words I will not use here.

As I mentioned last time, I easily digitized all this stuff with my Edirol R1 digital MP3 recorder. Seriously, if you love music and have a lot of vinyl to digitize, you have GOT to get you one of these things.

For all the interesting stories about these songs, you have to download and listen to the podcast. (Plus there are probably unlisted suprises in there as well, you never know...) A podcast is just a gigundo MP3 file, and you download them like any other MP3. Plus, since you can use RSS to subscribe to them, they're easier to get. The super-easy instructions are on my podcast page. I want to become a cult favorite, so subscribe, download and listen to my podcasts. Don't make me hurt you.

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  • Justine - Jimmy and the Mustangs

    1983(?), from EP

  • Singin' in the Rain - Just Water

    1978, single

  • I Think We're Alone Now - The Rubinoos

    1976, single

  • Hanky Panky - Joan Jett

    1980, from British album

  • Can't Seem to Make You Mine - Alex Chilton

    1978, single

  • I'm a Believer - Bram Tchaikovsky

    1979, album

  • Hurdy Gurdy Man - The Swinging Madisons

    1980, from EP

  • Kicks - Earthquake

    1976, single

  • Fujiyama Mama - Pearl Harbour

    1980, album

  • John, I'm Only Dancing - The Polecats

    1981(?), from British EP

  • Stupid Girl - Ellen Foley

    1979, from album

  • Talk Talk - The Inmates

    1980, from album

  • I Go to Pieces - Rachel Sweet

    1978, from album

  • Tumblin' Tumbleweeds - Rubber Rodeo

    1982, from EP

  • Little Red Riding Hood - 999

    1978, from album

  • Society's Child - Dorrit Tulane

    1995, 4-track

  • Bad Detective - The New York Dolls

    1974, from album

  • Reach Out - Gary Private

    1980, Promo 12" single