"In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion" iPod Playlist

March, 2006

You know, I was going to try to explain this one but just couldn't figure out how to do it in any coherent fashion. Surprising, since I've actually been told that apparently I think everything I write is "holy," so I would think that also makes me some kind of genius. Or the new Saint Luke at the very least. (Hmm, "The Gospel According to St. Dorrit"; I like it!) Yes, I do think everything I write is holy. . .a holy LOAD OF CRAP. Lighten up, Francis. (PS, have you met me?)

Anyway, the best way to describe it is to say that this playlist adheres to the guidelines I set for myself in "The Age of Dorrit," the rant that I started the year off yammering about. If you know these songs, you should be able to discern the theme with no problem. And this time all the songs do adhere to the general motif; I don't think I've ever managed that before.

And I am really getting closer to doing these playlists as one or more Podcasts. It might even be this one. So then not only will you get to hear the songs, you'll also get to hear me saying my very own holy snarky comments. Bitchin! The greatest thing since sliced bread? Not bloody likely. But better than Nixon's freakish resignation speech of 1974 or probably anything on reality TV.

Dorritus Vobiscum, my children.

Sorry, there was a podcast of this but you missed the boat.

  • A Woman in Love - Liz McClarnon

    Yes, it is a cover of that Bee Gee's song.

  • Painted on My Heart -- The Cult

  • Thunder in My Heart - Meck featuring Leo Sayer

  • Bella Notte - From "Lady and the Tramp"

    Being released on two-DVD set Feb. 28th, YAY! (I hope to be one of the first people in line.) Them eating the spaghetti is still the best romantic scene in a movie, ever. Plus there's a chord and some harmonies at the end that never fail to give me chills, they're that good.

  • You Belong To Me - Carly Simon

    There aren't all that many Carly Simon songs that I like, but when I DO like one, I like it a lot. Like this one.

  • Hold Me - Charlie Sexton

    Yes, this record is 21 years old this year. 21. Just kill me now before I break a hip on the way home from work.

  • Isn't It Romantic? - Ella Fitzgerald

  • No Sleep Tonight - The Faders

    I actually liked this song better before it was on the iPod commercial.

  • Question - Old 97s

  • Precious to Me - Phil Seymour

    Remember the Dwight Twilley "Band?" It was really only him and Phil Seymour. I'll never understand why this record wasn't a hit.

  • Turn This Thing Around - El Presidente

    I LOVE these guys!

  • This Door Swings Both Ways - Herman's Hermits

  • Push the Button - Starsailor

    Yes, the original Sugababes version is much better, but I have to admire Starsailor for covering it.

  • You Keep Me Hanging On - The Supremes

    See, here's the thing about hanging on and the fact that the hangees will never admit: they treat you badly and come and go, because they think you'll always be there, hanging on. But there will come a time when you just can't take any more of their crap, you finally have to cut the string, whether you really want to or not. It's just the only way to keep your own sanity.

  • Words of Love - The Mamas and Papas

  • Turbulance - Lisa Marie Presley

    I liked this CD a lot, and will always believe that Lisa Marie will never get a fair shake in the music biz because of who she is. (And maybe also because of that Scientology thing...)

  • Over, Under, Sideways, Down - The Yardbirds

  • I'm Not Your Stepping Stone - The Monkees

    Favorite Line: "When I first met you girl, you didn't have no shoes. Now you're walkin' round like you're front-page news." Boyce and Hart strike again.

  • Take Me Out - Billy Clyro

    Wanna hear how Franz Ferdinand would sound like if they actually had balls? Here you go.

  • A Bad Sign - Michael Penn

  • You Drive Me Nervous - Alice Cooper

  • Where's the Pleasure? - Protocol

    Hey, I just realized this has now become one of my eternal questions, and I forgot to cover it in the current rant. Crap.

  • I Just Wanna Be Loved - A.M. Radio

    Apparently some people think this is "wanting too much" from a relationship. Wanting to be in a stable relationship for longer than 2 months at a time is wanting too much? Yeah, maybe if you're a complete motard. Jesus H. Christ on a raft, all I want is a girlfriend, period.

  • Since I Fell for You - Lenny Welch

  • I'm a Fool - Dino, Desi and Billy

    Man, I used to be in love with these guys. Now one's dead, one spends too much time with Mike Love to be normal, and the one I really liked is in a cult. Super.

  • I'm Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage

    I will never, ever understand people like this. God, the self-flagellation thing is SO 15th century!

  • You're Gonna Lose That Girl - The Beatles

    My first use of "Truer words were never spoken."

  • Yo Yo - The Osmonds

    God forgive me, but I will always love, love, love this song, no matter what's going on in my life.

  • I Won't Let It Happen Again - Slade

  • I Used to Know Her - Veruca Salt

    Who's the only white woman in America angrier than me? Louise Post. So has Veruca Salt broken up or what?

  • Time Won't Let Me - Smithereens

    Really, it won't. Death is already practically up my ass.

  • I'm Coolin', no Foolin' - Lesley Gore

    Lesley had so many great songs that most people have never heard. That's what happened back in the early 60s when they had artists put out a new album every five minutes.

  • Go Back Home Again - Andrew Gold

    So talented, yet so underrated.

  • She Never Stops - Dorrit Tulane

    Ditto the above. (That's a joke, get it? After the "holy" remark I feel the need to over explain my ever-present sarcastic, always-tongue-in-cheek attitude.)

  • Your Bird Can Sing - Guadalcanal Diary

    There have been quite a few covers of this, including an okay one by The Flaming Groovies, but I still like GD's the best.

  • My Way - Nina Hagen

    Man, I miss the 80s.

  • Heaven and Hell - The Easybeats

  • High Fidelity - Elvis Costello

    I like to think of this as the bipolar theme song.

  • Sorry - Madonna

    You and me both, Madge. I swear, some people should just be forbidden from using the words "I'm Sorry," because they use that expression as an excuse for doing anything they please and just treating other people like crap.

  • (This Could Be) The Last Time - Rolling Stones

    My second and final use of "Truer words were never spoken."