1st Young, Single & Ready to Mingle Playlist

Late Summer, 2005 (aka "The Year from Hell")

I could start out by stating the obvious. The part about me not being young. But I think if anyone's actually reading this playlist, you must know me, so you already know that part is total crap. To quote Meatloaf--no, wait a minute, I haven't sunk quite that low. To quote whoever it was who came up with the expression originally (NOT Meatloaf) in days of yore, "Two outta three ain' bad."

I can't say that all these songs have some deep significance. A few are just new songs that I like and wanted to listen to a lot. Some are significant, and some may not even seem to fit the theme. But that's just because I'm being subtle. (Yeah, as subtle as a. . .HAMMER.)

As with the past few playists, I've also burned them onto bitchin-made-with-Jam CD sets, with clever (?) cover art and neato crossfades. Not that I have anyone to give them to anymore. (The crossfade between "She Never Stops" and "Shark Attack" is perfection, if I do say so myself.) Sorry, the theme of this playlist is that I'm supposed to be over being sad, lonely, and heartbroken, right? Okay then, I'll pretend that I am over that; ixnay on the sniveling and hello to "Calling all Girls." (Rick Springfield, who I don't mind quoting; not sure what that says about me.) And if I know you and you're interested in having the CDs, e-mail me--you may hit me on a day when I'm more-than-usually bored at work and feeling magnanimous.

Now that I'm looking at the final version of this playlist though, it seems that heartbroken and sniveling may have indeed highjacked the original intended theme; how the hell did that happen? If I had been hired as a DJ, I would be SO fired.

  • Over You -- Roxy Music

    I should confess that it's not "over you" that way. It's over you like you're on top of somebody. And since her lips did tell me there's no chance in no uncertain terms, "Oh baby, this IS nowhere..." But nowhere is the only where I've got, so I guess I have to pretend it is that other "over you."

  • Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight -- Bob Seger

    Yeah, overall I'm not crazy about this whole horrible "Night Moves" period, or anything since then, really. But every now and then he'd still come out with a good song. One that would make you say "Hey, that IS the same guy who did the most-excellent 'Lucifer' back in the 70s."

  • Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress -- Charlie Sexton

    I've never heard Charlie Sexton do a cover I didn't like, and this is no exception. I can't believe more people haven't covered this song; I know I've always wanted to. (Even though I've never had a freakin' clue what in the hell it means.)

  • Bitch -- Rinocerose

    This song is SO cool. Whoever these girls are, hey have really thick accents, so the only line I can understand is "You're gonna be my bitch," which they sing over and over a lot. I think it was recorded in a French women's prison.

  • Lies -- The Knickerbockers

    I had to.

  • I'll Be Okay -- McFly

    Some poppy British boy band who most people here haven't heard of. A lot of their stuff is kind of lame, but this song of theirs really hit me. The classic right-place-and-right-time thing, I suppose.

  • Fuck Forever -- Babyshambles

    Also Brits.

  • Suddenly Upsidedown -- Oranger

    This is my new favorite band, and I have no idea who they are. On the surface this sounds like such a happy, pop song, but then you listen to the lyrics and, well, it's really not. I would compare it to beating someone with a baseball bat while listening to the Cyrkle's "Red Rubber Ball." Not that I've ever thought about doing that.

  • Ooh La La -- Goldfrapp

  • Change (In the House of Flies) -- The Deftones

    "I've watched you change." And not to be confused with the House of Wax.

  • I Got a New Girl Now -- Honeymoon Suite

    Remember when these guys were gonna be the next big thing? I expect to see them if there's a second season of the show "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

  • Honesty -- Billy Joel

    I know what you're saying. My depressed state has rendered me musically incompetent. Sure, it's Billy Joel, but this is a good song, and it would be a good song no matter who did it. Honesty is a quality that's apparently still as hard to find now as it was back in 1978. As a matter of fact it's at the top of the list in qualities I'm looking for in a girl. No, maybe self-awareness is first. Or stability, but that makes me sound boring. Maybe strength. No, faith. Crap, I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life, aren't I?

  • Chain of Fools -- Aretha Franklin

    The song that really made me want to play the bass (well, after seeing Paul McCartney doing it); one of the best "fuck you, you heartless, self-serving dick" songs ever.

  • 1 -- Joy Zipper

  • I Summon You -- Spoon

    Yeah, like if getting someone back or even getting a date was this easy I wouldn't have one every night of the week. Or weekend at least.

  • Pretending -- Michael Penn

    This is from Michael Penn's incredible new CD, "Mr. Hollywood Jr. 1947," one of the best CDs I've heard in years. Really, I can't recommend this highly enough--although if you're depressed you may want to wait a while before you buy it; that's the one mistake I made. "Baby, I'm pretending, even though I know better."

  • Eyes -- Tracy Bonham

    Here I thought she was missing in action after "The One" and the incredible "Mother, Mother," and she's back with some new great songs. "There's a rock, there's a rock that holds you down, down, down; so take a chance in lettin' it fly."

  • What's A Matter Baby? -- Ellen Foley

    Anytime I put an Ellen Foley song in one of my playlists, invariably I tell my "I met Ellen Foley in a dressing room at Max's Kansas City" story. I'm not going to do that this time. (So if you want to hear the story, you'll just have to e-mail--uh, wait a minute. I mean you'll have to ask me out. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  • Move Along -- All American Rejects

    "Go ahead as you waste your days with thinkin'"

  • Sugar, We're Goin' Down -- Fallout Boy

    "Goin' down" doesn't even begin to really describe what I've been, and am still, going through, but it's still a good song.

  • Calling All Girls -- Rick Springfield

    I think he wrote this after he broke up with Linda Blair. But I try not to think about that when I listen to it. . .

  • It Must Be Him -- Vicki Carr

    The second sorry-I-had-to selection. The problem with this song is that once you start listening to it, you can't stop. It's worse than potato chips. And I must confess that I love the line "Don't be a chump"; I'm practicing saying it to myself in the mirror. (Hey, Vicki, you are a chump, because he's not comin' back; they never really do.)

  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy -- Ian Hunter

    I could say something here about actually being bitten about six times. And being the only one of us who was bitten at all. But since this is the happy, moving on playlist, I'll skip it.

  • I Could Never Be Your Woman -- White Town

    One of my favorite erudite song lines of all time: "So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways, just use me up and then you walk away." (The highbrow Marxist ways part, of course, the rest isn't all that erudite, just a run-of-the-mill, all too unfortunate truth.)

  • In and Out of Love -- The Supremes

  • Poison (Radio Edit) -- Groove Coverage

    "You're poison running through my veins." Or not. That's it, not running through my veins.

  • Fading Like a Flower -- Dancing DJs VS. Roxette

    Roxette--another one for the next season of "Hit Me Baby One More Time." After all, they do have "the look." (Get it? It's an 80s joke.)

  • Shine (Tracy Young Radio Mix) -- Cyndi Lauper

  • Singin' in the Rain (Mint Royale Remix) -- Gene Kelly/Mint Royale

    Well, it's not as kick ass as Just Water's 1979 single version, but it's pretty okay.

  • Queen of Denial (Dance Mix) -- Pam Tillis

    This is one of the subtle-as-a-hammer selections.

  • All American (That Girl Is a Head Case) -- Motorplant

    The kind of girl I'm not looking for.

  • From the Floorboards Up -- Paul Weller

    I had no idea Paul Weller was even still making records. (CDs, whatever.) This is a really good song.

  • Love Me Like You -- Magic Numbers

    The harmonies on this song are how I always wanted them to sound in my band when we played live. They never did, because except for a few months, I was always the only one in the band who could sing. The harmonies always sounded great on the studio tracks though, at least the ones I did by myself.

  • Back in the Saddle -- Aerosmith

    I still think this is one of Aerosmith's best songs ever.

  • Love Me Tonight -- Tom Jones

    Another song I have always wanted to cover. (Trust me, it'd be fabulous.)

  • I Like the Way You Move (White Label Remix) -- Bodyrockers

    Definitely my most-played song of the moment.

  • Another Girl -- The Beatles

    You know the line "I ain't no fool, and I don't take what I don't want?" I wish that hadn't been true, but it kinda was. But there's sure nothing to take anymore!

  • Only a Memory -- The Smithereens

  • Hung Up On a Dream -- The Zombies

    Well, not a dream so much as, I don't know, at least a modicum of equanimity.

  • Looks, Looks, Looks -- Sparks

    I know Ron Mael is probably crazy, because he certainly always looks crazy. But he really is a brilliant and ever-so-bitter songwriter.

  • She Never Stops -- Dorrit Tulane

    Man, if someone had told me I'd be singing this damn song again, roughly 20 years after the first time, I think I might have shot myself back in 1985. (But then I would have missed some of my best hair years ever. And the five years when I was 37. Ah yes, good times, good times.)

  • Shark Attack -- Split Enz

    Their "True Colors" album still holds up really well today, and I think it was one of the highlights of the early 80s.

  • Someday -- Greg Kihn

  • Go Back Home Again -- Andrew Gold

    Most people only know him for that stupid "Thank You for Being a Friend" theme song from "The Golden Girls." Quite unfortunate. I think he put out a couple of the best albums of the late 70s/early 80s.

  • Promises I've Made -- Emitt Rhodes

    No one, and I mean NO ONE, can sing about the sadness of lost love like Emitt.

  • As Time Goes By -- Carly Simon

    A really interesting arrangement, because it's not quite her big band stuff. It's kind of a rock hybrid that's growing on me the more I hear it.

  • The Moon's a Harsh Mistress -- Jimmy Webb

    I really should be slapped for putting this song on here, because I can't hear it without having it make me cry every single freakin' time at the "I fell out of her eyes, I fell out of her heart" line. Even now, almost two months later. (Hey, any single, cute at-least-semi-sane girl out there who wants to come over and do the slapping?)

  • Walter Reed -- Michael Penn

    "Every good thing I had abandoned me; a sad and lonesome me."