Valentine's Day Playlist

February, 2006

If you've read this month's rant, you'll already know how I feel about Valentine's Day. (For once I'm middle of the road on an issue.) But I do love doing playlists, and wanted to put a new one up. And using Valentine's Day in the title will get more people to read it than if I called it the "Everybody Hates February iPod Playlist."

What's fun about doing a playlist like this, at least for me, is that mine isn't all "loves me" songs, but it's not all "loves me not" songs either. Love always has its ups and downs, and that's what I'm trying to reflect in this. (But since I'm a die-hard romantic at heart, most of them are of the "loves me" variety.)

There are also some selections in here that you might not find in a "run of the mill" Valentine's Day mix. (At least I'd like to think so.) The Hudson Brothers, The Band, Portobella, a few GLAM cuts as always, and the band no mix like this could be without, Nine Inch Nails. There are also a few "Sorry, I had to" songs, but I'll let you find them on your own. I'll give you one hint: David Soul. (Really, I had to.)

I was going to end this with the Countess DeLave's "l'amour, toujours l'amour" line from "The Women," possibly one of the most indirectly anti Valentine's Day movies ever. But I found one that I think fits better: "Get me a bromide--and put some gin in it." Repeat after me: it's just another day. But have a good one.

  • Viva La Difference - Portobella

    This song is incredibly hot, but anything else I've found and downloaded by her has sucked. Don't really know anything about her, but I'm guessing from the material that she might be a FOSF, Friend of Samantha Fox. (If you know what I mean, and I think you do.)

  • Closer - Nine Inch Nails

    I really just do not know how anyone could make a Valentine's Day mix and not include this song.

  • Last Minute - Glitterati

  • Little Games - The Yardbirds

  • Never Let Her Slip Away - Andrew Gold

    The Andrew Gold record "All This and Heaven Too" was so underrated when it came out. And I still really really like it. I swear, the only reason most people know his name at all is from that stupid "Thank You for Being A Friend" (the only clunker on this album) being the theme on "The Golden Girls." That's so sad.

  • Ever Thought of Coming Back - Kelley Stoltz

    With the exception of "Away with the Swans," I'm not crazy about his earlier stuff, but I can't wait for this whole new CD to be released this month.

  • Love Machine - Arctic Monkeys

    No, it's not the one by The Miracles. This is a surprisingly good cover of the nifty Girls Aloud song

  • Push the Button - Sugababes

  • Do Something To Me - ? and the Mysterians

    I know this was a "B" side, could have been for "96 Tears."

  • Thinkin' Bout You Baby - Sharon Marie

    Want to hear an early version of the melody from the Beach Boys' song, "Darlin?" Here it is. This is a girl singer Brian produced back in the early 60s.

  • So You Are a Star - The Hudson Brothers

    Yeah, I like the Wondermints version, but this is still my favorite. And I will bet any amount of money that Bill Hudson wrote this for Goldie Hawn.

  • A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Bette Midler

    I love this song. This version is good, but I had to edit out the sappy spoken beginning and ending that I didn't like.

  • Bus Stop - The Hollies

  • Personal Jesus (Stomp Mix) - Depeche Mode

  • Be My Baby (Radio Edit) - Glitzzi Girlz

    Yeah, it's a dance version, but the harmonies that kick in in the second verse totally make this song.

  • Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have With Her Clothes On - Panic! At the Disco

    Actually, I think spending money is the most fun clothes-on thing, but I guess it's subjective.

  • True Love - Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly

    The Patsy Cline version of this recorded/produced by Owen Bradley is actually my favorite. But I can't find the MP3 of it. This is pretty good, especially the end harmony with Grace Kelly.

  • Tiger Feet - Mud

  • God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

  • Love Burns - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    My absolute favorite song by BRMC. (Not that I really like so many of them.)

  • My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder

    Yeah, I liked it when he got all funky and was doing things like "Livin in the City," but you can't beat this for a love song.

  • Call Me (in Spanish) - Blondie

    I know a lot of people aren't fond of the "discoish" Blondie, but I still think this song is great. Especially the Spanish version.

  • Boom Boom Boom - Paul Lekakis

    Sorry I had to #1. This song brings back memories of a particularly fun time in my life.

  • Some Enchanted Evening - Jay and the Americans

  • Can't Get You Out of My Flawless - Kylie vs. The Ones

    Of all the mashups and remixes of "Can't Get You Out of My Head," this one still stands out.

  • Baby, I Love You - Jason Faulkner

    A lot of people have covered this, but I think this is the best.

  • Fools Rush In - Ricky Nelson

    I love everything about this song, from the arrangement to his vocals. Man, sometimes I still can't believe he was that good looking and ended up being straight.

  • I'll Tumble For Ya - Culture Club

    Sorry I had to # 2.

  • Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs

    Even back in the 80s I thought this was an incredibly stupid band name. And I was actually going under "Gilbert and the MothMen" at the time.

  • AC/DC - Sweet

  • Somethin' Stupid - Nicole Kidman & Robbie Williams

  • She'd Rather Be With Me - The Turtles

    I would have included my cover of this, but I haven't digitized it yet. And I think it's less than a minute long.

  • Chances Are - Johnny Mathis

  • The More I See You - Peter Allen

    My favorite Peter Allen song. (Please don't even bring up that horrible "I Go to Rio." I know it's really what "made" him here in America, but come on; what dreck.) And Chris Montez' version? Pales in comparison to this one.

  • Don't Give Up On Us Baby - David Soul

    Sorry I had to # 3. Hey, anybody think he wrote this for Merv Griffin?

  • Stagefright - The Band

    This is the only Band record I ever liked or ever owned. As far as this song being in here, believe me, it fits.

  • In My Arms - Rufus Wainwright

    I like all of his CDs, but this song from his first might be my ultimate fave.

  • When You Walk in the Room - The Searchers

  • Whispering - Nino Tempo & April Stevens

    Nino Tempo & April Stevens were so good, I still find it hard to believe that "Deep Purple" was their only hit. Granted, a lot of the arrangements sounded the same, but they rocked!

  • Addicted - Kelly Clarkson

  • The Night Before - The Beatles

    This was the first Beatles song I learned to play on the bass. It's been the story of my adult life so many times, I'm starting to wonder if those two facts are related. Hmm...should I have learned how to play "She Loves You" first?

  • I Was Made for Lovin' You - Faster Pussycat

    Kiss + Valentine's Day = Natural Combination.

  • Love Is Like An Itchin' In My Heart - The Supremes

  • I Wanna Be Somebody's Baby - Barry Manilow

    I've loved this song since the first time I heard it on Manilow II, back in, uh, well I think it might have been back at the Lupercalia Festival of 278 AD. I still want to do a totally rockin' version of it; it'd be fab.

  • I'll Be Seeing You - Martha Wainwrwight

    From "The Aviator" soundtrack.

  • Once Upon a Dream - Emile Pandolfi

    I love this song, but I haven't been able to find any kind of a decent cover of it except this piano thing. It is hard to sing, but come on--am going to have to rev up my old 4-track and do it myself?