Fifth iPod Playlist

Spring, 2002

When I used to review Web sites for a living, I often had to critique people's personal sites. Most included a section called "my favorite albums," or the like. Without fail, I would rake them over the coals.

That was over six years ago, and I've earned a living creating and doing tangible things online since then. One thing I've learned is that the point of a personal site IS to list things like "my favorite songs." (As long as it looks good--and no, that's NOT subjective. If you have no design skills, get someone who does to do it for you, the end, goodbye.) It's supposed to be a combination portfolio/bio/ultimate ego trip. Like saying whatever you want about yourself to a therapist for an hour every week, but a whole lot cheaper and much more creatively fulfilling.

I've had Sylvester for a couple of months now, and its STILL absolutely one of the best toys I've ever had. If you love music, you have to get an iPod--trust me on this.

  • Freeek -- George Michael

    This is my ABSOLUTE favorite song of the moment. I like everything about it--the way it sounds and what it says. Actually, I can only understand about half of what it says, but any song whose major line is "I'll be your sexual freeek," is okay by me.

  • Your Disco Needs You (Casino Mix) -- Kylie

  • Love and Happiness -- Al Green

    Toward the end of the song Al sings, "Makes you wanna dance, love and happiness." But I always expect him to say "Makes you wanna dance, stick rabbits down your pants." Is anyone else waiting for him to sing that?

  • TVC 15 -- David Bowie

  • Over, Under, Sideways, Down --The Yardbirds

  • Silence Is Golden -- Garbage

    There are many reasons why I love Shirley Manson, but I recently saw Garbage's "Behind the Music," and she makes ME look secure. And happy. Her lyrics are just so cynical and depressing, you can't help but love 'em!

  • Alone Together -- The Strokes

    I definitely think The Strokes are okay, but can't see where this big "they're the greatest band to come down the pike since The Beatles" hoopla is really warranted.

  • Kids (Bass Remix) -- Kylie & Robbie Williams

  • Puttin on the Ritz -- Taco

    I still love this song, but can't help laughing when I hear it, especially now.

  • Drive My Car -- The Beatles

  • 2003 -- Nina Gordon

  • She Was Hot -- The Rolling Stones

  • Space Truckin -- Deep Purple

  • I'm Just a Jitterbug -- Ella Fitzgerald

    This is from the early period when Ella was singing with Chick Webb's orchestra, and I love just about all the stuff she during that era.

  • Shake Your BonBon (Fernando Garibay Remix) -- Ricky Martin

  • When I Fall in Love -- Rick Astley

    Since I tend to be the classic fool for love despite efforts to the contrary, this is one of my very favorite songs. And as heretical as it sounds, I think Rick Astley actually sings it better than Nat King Cole.

  • Desfinado -- George Michael & Bebel Gilberto

  • Too Much, Too Little, Too Late -- Johnny Mathis & Denise Wiliams

  • All Alone Am I -- Brenda Lee

    The electric harpischord makes this Brenda Lee song especially groovy.

  • My Own Way -- The Rembrandts

  • I'm Only Sleeping -- The Vines

  • Evil Number One -- Jimmy Eat World

    I LOVE these guys, and I don't say that about a lot of the newer bands today.

  • Rescue Me -- Fontella Bass

  • Outside Chance -- The Turtles

  • Boogie Fever -- The Sylvers

  • Lipstick and Leather -- Y & T

    Around 1984 someone actually dedicated this song to me once after we played some dive/club; I never found out who. But even today I still think it's a really bitchin' song. Pray for me.

  • Personal Jesus (Stomp Mix) -- Depeche Mode

    There's a spoken part in the middle of this song, and in this version it's in German, which makes it even more of a hoot. The thing is, this song has a really pretty melody even though the title's kind of stupid.

  • Downtown -- The Killer Barbies

    I can't believe this fab song wasn't more of a hit in America. I guess you can only be in the Top Ten here if you're a whiny, boring white boy playing a tired old acoustic guitar.

  • Selfish -- Michael Penn

    I've liked all of Michael Penn's CDs, and this song is one of my faves.

  • The Go-Gos Minimix

  • Happy House -- Siouxsee and The Banshees

    "Here in the happy house, we're happy here, in this happy house." What more can you say? "Kaleidoscope" is my favorite Siouxsee album.

  • Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) -- Meredith Brooks

  • Bossa Nova Baby -- Elvis Presley

    I can't believe no one's ever redone this song; it's a classic.

  • Teenage Riot -- The Ataris

  • Can't Get You Out of My Head (Q's Unlocked Alternative Mix) -- Kylie

    I have about ten different mixes of this song and am still deciding on a favorite. This is definitely one of the contenders.

  • These Boots Are Made for Walking -- Geri Halliwell