21st iPod Playlist: Movin' On Up -- Spring, 2005

(Oh My God, This Isn't a Parachute, It's a Knapsack!)

The thing about moving on--from anything--is that sometimes you just have to do it. It doesn't matter if you jump out of the plane on your own, or if someone pushes you out while you're screaming like a girl and hanging onto the open hatch. When that door slams shut, you ain't gettin' back in.

But even though the overall theme is moving on, not all of the songs will address that theme, at least not literally. (And some will, but not in any obvious way. . .) And if I had to use "Truckin" by the Grateful Dead or "Moving Out," by Billy Joel, I would finally have to shoot myself in the head. It's more of an overall mood/mindset kind of thing.

The special thing about this playlist--although you'll have to take my word for it--is that I also have it burned onto two CDs. And I did it with Jam, so there are very cool crossfades between each song. Really, the transitions are seamless. As far as the songs themselves, a lot of the stuff is on the newer side, but not all of it, as you can tell by the inclusion of my personal Rock God, Emitt Rhodes.

Movin' on up. Not to the east side, though, because then I'd be a rich Black dry cleaner and would be paying someone to write this for me. (Anyway, I've done the east side, it was called my 20s and early 30s.) And I leave you with these sage words from Christopher Marlowe:  "What, will you thus oppose me, luckless stars. . .That I may vanish o'er the earth in air, And leave no memory that e'er I was? No, I will live. . ."

  • The Trouble With Me -- Lucy Woodward

    This is my absolute favorite song of the moment; there are a lot of great lines, but the one about "I get so lonely, but it's just no use at all" really gives me chills. This is definitely going to replace the Banana Splits song as the default/theme song in my head--at least for a while.

  • The Death of All the Romance -- The Dears

    Back in the 80s when Cock Robin was the next big thing (oops!), I just never liked the dual male/female lead vocalist deal. Some guy once even called me when we were looking for a guitarist to try to convince me to let him share lead vocals with me. (Yeah, sure pal, did you see the name of the band?) Anyway, for some reason, with The Dears it just seems to work. And I will "avenge the death of all the romance" in my own way.

  • Good Enough for You -- Freefaller

    Prefixed by the crucial phrase "nothing is ever." Did I write and record this song and just not remember?

  • She Really Wants You -- Aimee Mann

    Even when she's so laid back that I'm bored to tears by the music (which isn't the case with this song), I can always listen to her lyrics. "Voices Carry" indeed.

  • Gimme Some Truth -- Sam Phillips

  • After Dark -- Le Tigre

    Here's a bulletin to all you jerkoffs on music bulletin boards who still use the term "alternative" and say "Le Tigre sucks." They don't, but you dumb asses do. This song is great.

  • VictimIsAnotherNameforLover -- Sunshine

    It's not a typo and don't blame me, the title is always written this way. Yes, it's extremely annoying, and no, I don't know why. They're British, does that help any?

  • I'm Gonna Get You Yet -- The Gore Gore Girls

    (Don't take this one literally; I'm obviously not going to get anyone. I just like the song.) This band is so incredibly inconsistent and deceiving--this is literally the only song of theirs that doesn't make me want to stick an icepick in my brain. The rest of their stuff is unbelievably dissonant and amateurish. And just plain BAD.

  • I Walk Alone -- Oleander

    I could make a really good joke about "One Wolf," but the only people who maybe would get it would have to be old enough to remember Lenny on a particular episode of "Laverne & Shirley." And they're all at the diner ordering the early-bird special dinner.

  • Forget That Girl -- The Monkees

  • Til the Day After -- Emitt Rhodes

    I don't ever want to be so short sighted that I don't see--well, that I don't see what's right in front of me until it goes away. Sad, but apparently it's something lots of people fall prey to. Oh Well.

  • The Game Is Won -- Lucie Silvas

    I don't know much about her, but I like this song. I don't think you can have a better attitude than "If everything is as it should be, everything will come. When it gets here I'll be ready."

  • Love Is An Unfamiliar Name -- Duke Spirit

    "I keep on tryin to reach you, but you're never the same." Okay, now I'm getting scared, because I could have written this one too. I'm starting to think I'm leading a completely different life after I'm asleep, like that bad ABC made-for-tv movie back in the 70s.

  • Panic Attack -- Paddingtons

  • Love on My Mind -- Freemasons

  • Whoopsie Daisy (Disco Mix) -- Terri Walker

    How can a disco mix of anything be bad? Okay, I guess it can go horribly wrong; just ask Ethel Merman. . .

  • Shake Your Bon Bon (Fernando Garabay Remix) -- Ricky Martin

  • Crazy - Jump Jump -- Britney vs. Kriss Kross

  • Our Lawyers Made Us Change The Title Of This Song So We Wouldn't Be Sued -- Fallout Boy

    Excellent song. My fave of theirs is "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner," but. . .I just couldn't.

  • Tied Up Too Tight -- Hard Fi

  • Time Won't Let Me -- Smithereens

    One of the few instances where I like the cover better than, or at least as much as, the original.

  • Wild World -- Skye Sweetnam

    Ditto the above.

  • Selfish -- Michael Penn

    I've always loved Michael Penn and this song. Although I still can't believe he and Aimee Mann (the happy twins) are both still alive and married. I always thought that match was a murder-suicide just waiting to happen.

  • 100 Miles Per Hour -- El Presidente

    Okay, so if I'm going nowhere at 100 miles per hour, is that a bad thing? Because I AM going really fast, even though I'm not going anywhere. Hmm, this is a tough one.

  • Can You Touch Me -- Film

  • Radio -- Pitty Sings

    Very 80s, and you know how I feel about that decade.

  • Anything Goes -- Harper's Bizarre

    God, I love this song and especially this version, and I don't care who knows it. And it's still all true. "The world has gone mad today. . .and good is bad today. . ."

  • Anna -- The Beatles

    I've always felt that you know John wasn't the primary writer of this song, because it says "you give back your ring to me and I will set you free, go with him." You know if a woman had done this to John he'd have called her a lying bitch and then killed her. (Remember "Run for Your Life?")

  • Heartless Romantic -- The Dears

  • Dead To the World -- Jon Brion

    Oy. Can I use the "did I write this" joke again?

  • Making Plans for Nigel -- Nouvelle Vague

  • Workin' In A Coal Mine -- Lee Dorsey

    Sorry, I had to.

  • Something To Be -- Rob Thomas

  • Chicken Payback -- The Bees

    Totally bitchin' and almost as good as the Watusi or Hully Gully.

  • I Feel Love -- Dallas Superstars

    Problem is that the trick is to get someone else to feel it; it's one of those "it takes two" things. Crap.

  • Agnes English -- John Fred & His Playboy Band

    Here because it's a great song, but I mainly added it as an homage to the late John Fred. How can you not love this song, it's about a madam.

  • Boys Wanna Fight -- Garbage

    Believe me, these days they're not the only ones.

  • God Killed the Queen -- Louis XIV

    I don't understand the "God killed the Queen" chorus of this song, but I love it anyway. I kind of like it more because it doesn't seem to make any sense.

  • Looking For The Magic -- Phil Seymour

  • It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning -- Herman's Hermits

    Really, it is.

  • The Night Chicago Died -- Paperlace

  • Let Your Love Go -- Bread

    No, I am not president of the David Gates fan club, nor am I starting a Bread tribute band. But that second one would be so deranged I think it would be kind of cool. Anyway, they did have a lot of good songs. Problem is that the good ones were all basically cancelled out by the abysmal "I Wanna Make It With You."

  • Bye Bye Blackbird -- Martha Wainwright