Asbury Park "Vacation" 05 - "Tent City"

So one of the nice towns next to Asbury is Ocean Grove. It's a dry, bible-thumping town that started out as a Methodist camp ground. And it doesn't seem to have strayed to far from those roots; really it was a little creepy. People aren't even allowed on the beach until noon on Sundays, because you're supposed to be at church.

BUT, it does have this neat "colony" of old tent/bungalow things. They were so cool. The fronts are these canvas tent-like covers, and then the real "structures" are little shack like buildings. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. A woman in one of the stores told me that the town actually owns all of them, but leases them to people. (I'm guessing only the "right" sort of people, if you know what I mean.) And some families have had the leases since the early 1900s. She also said that although it's rare to have a lease available, it does happen. But the waiting list is something like 10 years long.