TV Show of the Week: "White Sheep Squadron"

Weekly hour-long drama based on a little known experiment that took place during World War II. Faced with a lack of appropriate pilots for "suicide" type missions, Navy scientist Dr. Roland Q. Agnus (Alan Thicke) trains a flock of sheep--Buttercup, Harold, Giovanni, Charlie, Halfwit, Spike, and Mr. Fluffbottom (themselves)--not only to fly airplanes, but to talk, smoke, and ogle shapely females, just like human pilots. Although the authorities have their doubts, the manpower shortage gives them no choice but to send the sheep into combat. Flying under the command of veteran marine pilot Colonel Buck Stephens (David Cassidy) they're dubbed "White Sheep Squadron," and sent to the European front. The unique band kicks Nazi butts with a vengeance, while dealing with the prejudice of their own human comrades and cruel taunts like, "Hey, Sheepie-boy," and "Mmm, I think I smell lamb stew for dinner."