TV Show of the Week: "Wally's Wackos"

Syndicated weekly situation comedy that transfers the "Hogan's Heroes" plotline to the conflict in Vietnam. While imprisoned in a Vietcong prisoner of war camp, Colonel Wally Westerfeld (Ted Danson) leads his spunky band of GIs in a continuing war against "Charlie," and the evil-yet-lovable Colonel Da Kee Minh (David Carradine), "Duckie." In tonight's episode, Duckie locks Wally in a bamboo cage that is slowly being lowered into boiling water, and the Wackos must figure out how to save him. Features William R. Moses (Doc), Blair Underwood (Cocoa), PeeWee Herman (Spazz), Dana Carvey (Brains), and Jonathan Winters (Crazy Grampa). Nancy Kwan occasionally guest stars as Duckie's evil sister, The Pigeon Lady.