TV Show of the Week: "Valley Girl Dentist"

Situation comedy covering the ups and downs of New York University 3rd year dental student and former Valley girl Kristi Kavanaugh (Stacy Dash, most recently of CLUELESS) while she's on duty in the school's dental clinic—which is patronized by the poor, the elderly and the insane, along with a large group of writers and artists fitting into two of the previous three categories. In today's episode, Kristy repeatedly incurs the wrath of usually calm elderly dental instructor Dr. Creak (Tom Bosley) when she offers a patient Special-K instead of novacaine, blasts Kula Shaker from her CD player and sings along at top volume, and stops in the middle of a procedure saying "OHMIGOD, like, I can't use these forceps, they clash with the color of my smock!" Features Ellen DeGeneres as today's patient.