TV Show of the Week: "Valley of the Dolls, '97"

Made-for-TV movie updating Jacqueline Susann's timeless tale of three girls who claw their way to the top of the show biz heap. In this version Neely O'Hara (Chynna Phillips) is the leader of an all-female rock band, The Devil's Panties, who she callously ditches in order to pursue a lucrative solo career. Her friend and former "roommate" Anne Wells (Yasmin Bleeth of "Baywatch") is a small town lesbian librarian turned secretary turned closeted top-rated controversial talk show hostess. Jennifer (Daisy Fuentes) remains a no-talent, vacant 32DD hanger-on. Featuring: Chris Isaak as Lyon Burke, Jon BonJovi as Tony Polar, and Cher as about-to-be dethroned Queen of Pop, Helen Lawson.