TV Show of the Week: "Titanic, The Musical"

Fall, 1998 Made-for-TV movie version of the hit broadway musical. Stars William Shatner as Captain E.J. Smith, newlyweds Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith as Mr. And Mrs. John J. Astor, and introducing former U.S. Senator Bob Dole as White Star Managing Director, J. Bruce Ismay. New characters include a perky canine stowaway (Anna Marie Waldazzo) turned heroine first-aid dog, and self-rightous fire and brimstone preacher Ezra Wilde (Gary Cole), who's caught trying to escape the sinking ship by disguising himself as a woman. Songs include: "We're Unsinkable (Don't Need No Lifeboats)," "The Steerage Shuffle," "God Only Loves People Like Me," "What Iceberg?" "Rich Women and Children First," and "Hey, That's No Lady, That's Reverend Wilde."