TV Show of the Week: "Battle of the Supermodels"

Ninety-minute sports special. Two teams of supermodels compete in a variety of appropriate events, including the Tube Top Tug-O-War, Hair Toss & Giggle, Blush Brush Bounce, Lipstick Shade Identifying, Powder Puff Pile-Up, Rock Star Roping, and of course, the all-important Pouting Competition. Unfortunately, a dispute over eyebrow tweezing times turns nasty, and Cindy Crawford calls opposing team member Kate Moss a "cockney Neanderthal." Kate replies, "Oi dunnow whot that means, but Oi'm sick o' you high school graduate smarty-pantses lookin' down your beaks at me. Oi'm gunna rip that bloody mole right off your wrinkly ol' mug," and the event disintegrates into a mass free-for-all, hair-pulling melee.