TV Show of the Week: "John Carpenter's Escape from Staten Island"

Made-for-TV movie, the latest installment in John Carpenter's bleak vision of the future. After having seceded from New York City in 1999, Staten Island promptly went bankrupt and was thrown into complete turmoil. The Federal government took over, renamed it "Big Heap," and made the island the garbage dump for the entire eastern seaboard. Most residents emigrated to the main land willingly, but pockets of die-hard islanders eluded capture and formed a strange society where violent gangs vie for power and trash is king--and the only form of currency. Now it's the year 2006, and after the First Lady's (Barbara Eden) plane is forced to make an emergency landing on Big Heap she's captured by one of the many roving bands of crazy "Garbagers." Once again, an aging Snake Pliskin (Kurt Russell) is brought in to rescue her, and to do so has to outwit not only the Garbagers, but also cranky 50 lb. seagulls, human-sized rats, and all those baby alligators everyone still flushes down their toilets. Features Christopher Walken and Telma Hopkins as Garbager clan rivals, King Litter and Queen Chicken Bone.