TV Show of the Week: "Santa Claus Conquers the Washingtonians"

Made-for-TV musical film. Santa Claus (Bill Murray) has finally had it with the political shenanigans in Washington, DC, and decides that leaving a lump of coal isn't a strong enough message. Instead, Santa guns down smug right-wing partyboys Newt Gingrich(Jerry Mathers) and Jesse Helms (Carroll O'Connor.) Next, Santa goes to the White House and gives President Clinton (Phil Hartman) 6 months to figure out how to undo the ridiculously homophobic DOMA bill he signed. Otherwise, Bill will "end up like little Newtie and the Cracker," and Santa will to make popular entertainers Siegfreid and Roy (themselves) co-Presidents of the United States. Main theme is Wall of Voodoo's "Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun for Christmas;" other songs include: "Silent Newt," "(No More) Walking In A Whiteman's Wonderland," "Jingle Helms," "Rudolph, the Bullet-Proofed Reindeer," and "Hey, That's No First Lady, That's Siegfreid and Roy."