TV Show of the Week: "Queen Acres"

Weekly dramedy in which lawyer Clarence Darrow Porter (Edward Albert, Jr.) makes his dizzy, spendthrift wife Liza (Nastassia Kinski) give up life in the urban jungle for the peace, quiet and friendliness of life on a country farm in a small town. Unfortunately, he picks Cooterville, a place where the locals are all drag queens. In the first episode, long-time local residents Princess Telephone (Flip Wilson), Laffs Galore (Burt Reynolds), Ethel Alcohol (Peter Scolari), and BonBon Jones (former U.S. Senator Bob Dole) don't want "new fish" Clarence to become the laughingstock of Cooterville, so they sit down with him to find out just who the awful drag queen was that they saw him with at the local diner the night before. Havoc ensues when they discover not only wasn't it a drag queen, it was a real woman--Liza, Clarence's WIFE. Ha Ha!