TV Show of the Week: "Paywatch"

In another Baywatch spin-off, star David Hasselhoff turns in his trunks for a bullet-proof vest, and runs an armored car delivery service staffed by a crew of young, beautiful,extremely photogenic and heavily armed currency watchers. Money delivery isn't as easy as it sounds, however, and Paywatch delivers one breathtaking crisis after another. In tonight's episode, David leads his crew of tanned "payheads" in a daring mission to rescue fellow worker Toni (singer/now actress Toni Braxton)--she's trapped in a pet store with a pack of large, fabric-eating rats who keep squealing at her menacingly while trying to rip her clothes off, and the manager says he won't call them off unless Paywatch comes and exchanges the bag of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins they left him for money that people like.