TV Show of the Week: "Little Newtie and The Cracker"

Made for TV Movie. After being gunned down by Santa, Newt "Little Newtie" Gingrich (Jerry Mathers) and Jesse "The Cracker" Helms (Carroll O'Connor) find themselves awaiting God's (Isabel Sanford) final judgement. God reviews the shameful facts and gives them one more chance to make up for their hypocritical and just plain evil lives and be allowed into Heaven. They are sent back to earth on mercy missions: The Cracker to prevent a despondent gay AIDS patient from committing suicide, and Little Newtie to help a single mother with 2 children who's about to be evicted from her apartment. In a surprising turn on the "It's A Wonderful Life" theme, they both fail miserably. The Cracker tells the AIDS patient that all gay men should die and gives him a gun, and Little Newtie's only contribution to the single mother is a cardboard box big enough for 3 people to live in. God is appalled, and immediately sentences them both to eternal damnation. (Look for possible weekly spin-off series)