TV Show of the Week: "Mr. Ned"

1/2 hour weekly situation comedy. Recent urban escapees Carol and Wilbur Post (Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin) arrive at their newly purchased Connecticut country home and discover that the former owner has left a horse as part of the deal. Being animal lovers, Carol and Wilbur look forward to the joys of owning a fine stallion. However, a week later when Wilbur goes to the barn to saddle up Ned for a ride, he not only discovers Ned can talk (the voice of Christopher Guest), but he's actually the reincarnation of former second-rate fashion designer/hair stylist, Mr. Ned of Bay Ridge. Ned refuses to be saddled saying, "Don't think you're making me wear that beat-up, off-the-rack excuse for a saddle. And as far as you go, chubby, don't you dare try to get on top of me until you put in some time at the gym AND get that chest waxed but good." Ned will only speak to Wilbur, and this creates constant conflicts with Carol, since Wilbur can't explain why he has to do things like order a custom-made black leather and silver saddle from "The Pleasure Chest," and repaint the inside of the barn "babydoll pink" and "lemon chiffon" plus add a miniature disco ball in Ned's stall.
A horse is a horse that's what you say,
Big dumb animals who just eat hay,
Unless your horse swings "that way,"
and is the famous Mr. Ned.
Go right to the source and ask Mr. Ned
he'll give you advice, he's very well read
Don't get him mad or he'll say: "Drop dead,"
Be nice to Mr. Ned.
People yammer all the time,
saying that and this,
But Mr. Ned will never speak,
unless he's got someone to dis.
A horse is a horse that's what you say,
Big dumb animals who just eat hay,
So you think a horse has nothing to say?
Well, listen to this:
Honey, I'm Mr. Ned,
and trust me when I say that outfit is just so WRAUNG for you!