TV Show of the Week: "The Day the Music Died"

Weekly panel discussion on which pretentious music "journalists," who wouldn't know a diminished chord if it got into bed with them, dissect various insignificant issues in rock & roll, past and present. Tonight's topics: the hidden connotations of the phrase "Goo goo goo joob," why Courtney Love is the Joan of Arc of today's music world, and how the lyrical structure of many songs by The Wallflowers bear an uncanny resemblance to the poetry of William Blake. Special appearance by former star on the comeback trail, Donovan, who shocks the panel by refuting their previous hour-long analyzation of his song, "Hurdy Gurdy Man," and explains that it doesn't actually mean anything. He was on acid, saw a very fat organ grinder with a monkey, then scribbled down whatever incoherant thoughts came into his head, and voila! a new single.