TV Show of the Week: "The Munsters"

1/2 hour weekly situation comedy. Herman and Lily Munster (Timothy Busfeld and comedian Paula Poundstone) want to be your average surbuban couple. They live in a typical house, work everyday, worry about the things most families worry about, and try to be part of the community. The problem is the Munsters simply aren't average--their heads are wheels of munster cheese, and that's something most people notice right away. Tonight's episode: Bleeding heart liberal next door neighbors Sam and Judy Wanamaker (Gregory Harrison, Patricia Kalember) finally decide it's their duty to break the ice and invite the Munsters over for dinner. Everything's going surprisingly well, until Judy brings out the appetizer, a lovely selection of crackers and ball of Gouda. Lily and Herman are horrified and Herman runs out screaming about how the Gouda looks just like his long-lost Uncle Edward. To make matters worse, the Wanamakers' Jack Russell Terrier, Hamlet, tries to take a chunk out of Lily's head while she's making her hasty retreat.