TV Show of the Week: "Monkeyboy Goes to England"

Made for TV movie, 1997. Monkeyboy (Leonardo DiCaprio), the world's only known 1/2 human, 1/2 chimpanzee art director, travels to far away Great Britain on his first vacation since making the momentous move from the relative serenity of a cage at Florida's "Monkey Hacienda" to the hustle and bustle of life on Madison Avenue. Except for occasional stares and a minor incident in the hotel stemming from an inappropriate font on the dining room menu, the trip is fairly uneventful--that is until Monkeyboy decides to visit Buckingham Palace. That particular day Queen Elizabeth (Sarah Ferguson) is out in the garden sunning with her pack of Corgis, and during a tour of the grounds one of the Corgis spots Monkeyboy and starts chasing him and yapping madly. Unfortunately, Monkeyboy's simian side takes over, and he starts squealing, running, and throwing dirt clods, one of which knocks the Queen's lovely hat right off her head and into a mudpuddle. The palace guards finally find him hiding in Prince Edward's (himself) quarters, and the Queen orders Monkeyboy be deported immediately.