TV Show of the Week: "Miss Charo's School for Girls"

Half hour syndicated dramedy. Charo, everyone's favorite Latin spitfire, inherits an exclusive New England girls' boarding school from a recently deceased distant "uncle" she forgot she had. Much to the chagrin of the students' parents, faculty, and the uptight Dean (Jm J. Bullock), Charo decides to jump right in and take over as the school's new head mistress. Of course, the girls adore "Miss Charo," and she gives them advice on everything from lingerie to boy problems to the golden rule, while vigorously demonstrating how to "Cuchi Cuchi" at least once every episode. Also stars Conchatta Ferrell as the school's tough-yet-big-hearted cook, and features Soleil Moon Frye, Danielle Brisbois, the Olsen twins, and Gary Coleman (in drag) as students.