TV Show of the Week: "Brooklyn Midge-Latchkey Horse"

1/2 hour weekly situation comedy. Another installment of everyday life in Brooklyn, New York, as seen through the eyes of Midge (Peppy the Pony), the miniature horse who lives with Nicky (Julie Brown), a goofy, often unemployed freelance writer, and Alison (Dana Delany), her "opposites attract" corporate executive girlfriend. Tonight's episode: Nicky's finally has to get a full-time job, and through a connection she's lucky enough to find one as a writer at the same company Alison works for. Alison is away on a business trip on Nicky's first day, and Nicky feels so badly leaving Midge home alone that she tries to disguise her as a dog--the little known "esroh" breed--and bring her into the animal-friendly office. But just like the old saying, "you can bring a horse to the office, but you can't make it take a letter," Midge doesn't exactly fit in. She knocks down a cubicle, monopolizes the xerox machine making copies of her snout, and that afternoon breaks into a conference room and makes a mess of a fancy catered lunch for a new client. Management wants answers, and, as usual, Alison returns from her business trip just in time to come to the rescue. She says she just heard that the Central Park Zoo's experimental cross between a wild dingo and a domesticated esroh ran away, and the ill-mannered animal in their office must be it. Alison tells the president that she and Nicky will take the unfortunate lost animal back to the zoo, then she hits Nicky in the head and buys Midge cotton candy on the way home.