TV Show of the Week: "Brooklyn Midge"

Weekly situation comedy. Everyday life in Brooklyn, New York, as seen through the eyes of Midge, a miniature horse who lives in a 100 year old brownstone with a lesbian couple: Nicky, a goofy, often unemployed freelance writer, and Alison, her "opposites attract" corporate executive girlfriend. Tonight's episode: despite Alison's (Dana Delaney) warning not to, Nicky (Julie Brown) dresses Midge (Peppy the Pony) up as a baby and puts her in a carriage. Then she wheels Midge over to Prospect Park and sits on a bench waiting to see if anyone will actually come out and admit they think her "baby" has a face like a horse. The police get involved, but Alison comes to the rescue as usual and buys Midge cotton candy on the walk home.
(You guys do know it's Julie Brown the singer/actress/comedienne, not the hag/skank on E!, right?)