TV Show of the Week: "Hell to Pay"

Weekly sitcom in development. After God (Isabel Sanford) sentences them to eternal damnation, Newt "Little Newtie" Gingrich (Jerry Mathers) and Jesse "The Cracker" Helms (Carroll O'Connor) find themselves deep in the bowels of Hell where they meet their new bunkmates, Jim Jones (Powers Boothe), Lucretia Borgia (Bebe Neuwirth), and Hitler (Kevin Kline). In a variation on the "The Trouble With Angels" theme, the four form a close yet dysfunctional bond, and each week come up with a new scheme to outwit Satan (former U.S. Senator Bob Dole). In this pilot episode, Lucretia uses her feminine wiles to try to distract Satan while the rest of "the gang" plots an escape to the less heinous Purgatory. Of course, Satan discovers their plan, and the show ends comically with everyone pointing the finger of blame at one another while up to their necks in a pool of molten lava. Laffs galore!