TV Show of the Week: "Hazéll"

Half hour syndicated comedy. Hazéll Jones (Jackeé) is the live-in housekeeper for Shaker Heights, Ohio couple Bob and Betty Allwhite (Peter Scolari, Julia Duffy) and their fourteen-year-old son Bob Jr (any blond teen actor with three names), who Hazéll affectionately calls "Squirt." The Allwhite's give Hazell the family love and affection she never had, and Hazéll gives the Allwhites a much needed injection of "soul." Tonight: Squirt starts hanging around with the wrong crowd, and to correct this, Hazéll reveals the touching story of how her only brother was killed in a gang fight when he was fourteen. After they both cry, she jokingly threatens to "slap him upside his head" if he doesn't behave. Everyone laughs at Hazéll's colorful ethnic slang, and then they all drive to Friendly's for ice cream.