TV Show of the Week: "Goat Cheese Boy"

Made for TV movie, pilot for possible series. Advertising executive Matthew Tanner (David Duchovny) eats a log of goat cheese that was exposed to high levels of gamma radiation. Unbeknownst to him, from now on whenever he hears someone utter anything negative about France, he'll turn into "Goat Cheese Boy," a surley, bleating, hairy half-human creature with hooves, a French accent, and overweight Poodle sidekick. While dining with a client, a couple at the next table is discussing French nuclear tests, and Matthew mutates into the frightening francophile for the first time. He starts jumping up and down on their table shouting things like, "Zhut up! Zhut up eemeediately, you ugly fat weemin. Your country ould be using atom bombs too, but you zimply du not have ze courage. HA! I spit on you and your awful wines and deesgusting sauceless food. I zhould make ma dog FiFi urinate on your orrible clothing. FEH, FEH!" Everyone, including his client, run screaming from the restaurant. Matthew wakes up at home a few hours later and doesn't remember what happened, However, since he's clad in only a beret and striped T-shirt and smells of livestock and Montrachet, he decides he should leave town.