TV Show of the Week: "Feng Shui"

Hour long weekly drama. Inscrutable 1/2 Asian, Cain Smith (David Carradine), was found abandoned as a baby and raised by an esoteric, cloistered order of monks who taught him the importance of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art that uses color, shapes and placement of objects in and around a house to bring balance and prevent blockages of positive energy. Now Cain travels through the old west using the principles of feng shui to protect himself and help others. Tonight's episode: Cain prevents himself from being involved in a gunfight by saying, "No--to challenge me would be suicide as the colors of your clothing clash with the animal of your birth sign, and combined with the metal of your weapon are totally blocking your chi, or personal energy." Before he leaves town he helps a rancher whose sheep are mysteriously dying by telling him, "Your sheep are all black and white, and this is not good. Make them hats and scarves that are red, yellow, and green so all their colors are balanced, make their pen round, and give them a mirror so they might gaze upon themselves. Then they will be happy, and will no longer wither and die like rotted fruit on a vine."