TV Show of the Week: "The Fathers In Law"

Situation comedy. Brenda and Paul (Jamie Gertz, Emilio Estevez) are former childhood friends, both reared by male homosexual couples. After a chance reunion they fall in love and soon elope. A happy ending? Not with two sets of meddling parents constantly trying to "out fabulous" each other. Tonight, havoc ensues when the Levy-Steins' (Harvey Firestein, Dom DeLuise) white grand piano arrives at Brenda and Paul's new home the same day as the Morgan-Fishers' (Tom Selleck, Richard Chamberlain) fabulous art deco bar--and the living room isn't big enough for the both of them! Features RuPaul as Ginger Snap, the Levy-Steins' gorgeous, sassy street-talking cleaning "woman."