TV Show of the Week: "Fanny and the Professor"

Weekly situation comedy loosely based on Barbara Stanwyck's classic movie, "Ball O' Fire." This version casts Fran Drescher as Fanny Rondele, an "exotic dancer" who's hiding out so she won't have to testify at the trial of her mobster boyfriend, Carmine "The Squirrel" Giovanni (Joe Pantoliano). Fanny arrives on the doorstep of Professor Timothy Wanker (Hugh Grant), an out-of-touch bookworm who had asked Fanny to participate in his study of American slang. Wanker lives at "The Institute" with a group of much older, yet equally naive academics. After the previous housekeeper leaves in a huff, Fanny takes over and turns the once staid household upside down. In tonight's episode, Fanny explains the fine points of the expressions "Up yours" and "Bite me" to the Professor, and he teaches Fanny the correct, multisyllabic pronounciation of "Forget about it."