TV Show of the Week: "Nancy Drew a Blank"

Weekly syndicated mystery. Nancy Simmons (Wendie Jo Sperber) is an average suburban housewife and part-time real estate agent who loses her memory after a fall down the stairs and now thinks she's fictional detective, Nancy Drew. She sets about annoying family and friends by constantly accusing them of crimes, nefarious schemes and general loutish behavior. Tonight's episode: Mr. Big Ears, the rabbit belonging to her daughter's sixth grade class at Patrick Henry Elementary School, is missing, and Nancy assumes foul play is involved. She sets up an interrogation center complete with harsh lighting, uncomfortable wooden chair and tape recorder, and one by one asks teachers questions like, "Come on, I know you really wanted Mr. Big Ears for YOUR homeroom, admit it!" and "Quick--what did you have for dinner last night? Chicken? Fish Sticks? Or perhaps it was. . .ROAST RABBIT!" Fortunately Mr. Big Ears is found in the school cafeteria blissfully munching away at an institutional-size carton of Chips Ahoy cookies, just as the usually mild-manntered school staff is about to lynch Nancy.