TV Show of the Week: "Mayflower Madame Butterfly"

Made for TV movie, 1997. Film version of the surprise hit off-broadway rock opera using existing pop songs. This version starts off the same as the original: sailor (Lt. Pinkerton, played by Patrick Swayze) comes to town, "marries" (wink, wink) shy native Butterfly (Ming Na of "ER"), then months later sails away with a bogus promise to return. However, in this version of the story, Butterfly doesn't sit around waiting for Lt. Pinkerton. Shunned by her family she must earn a living, so she sets up Japan's first combination brothel/escort service. Now using the name Madame Sydney, Butterfly is wildly successful. So successful that Lt. Pinkerton does finally return but only to demand a piece of the action. Madame Sydney is appalled at his actions and quickly dispatches a band of Ninjas led by her new friend and business partner, Silky the Love Broker (Fred Berry), to get rid of the annoying Pinkerton once and for all. Songs include: "Let Me Entertain You," "Navy Blue," "Call Me," "Is It My Body?" "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" "Brown Sugar," "You Don't Own Me," "The Bitch is Back," and "Those Aren't My Girls, It's Siegfried and Roy."