The Dorrit Show: Waiting on My Front Steps

This was actually the first photo I wanted to use for my work picture, but my boss said that they're all strict headshots in the newsletter, but that I should use this one for the Web. Ultimately I ended up liking the smirker better than this one anyway.

I'm actually not waiting on my steps; I'm just sitting there trying to look like I'm not posing for a picture. But I guess if I hadn't told you that, you'd believe I was waiting for someone. D'OH! I hate it when I do that. Hey, I'm honest, what can I tell you? Let's say I was waiting for Elijah; that's more poetic. (I'd never wait for Godot, because, well, he never shows up.)

I went through all the trouble of covering up the MTA patch on my jacket sleeve, but now since I'm not using this photo for work after all, it didn't matter. D'OH again.