The Dorrit Show - My First Car

I think I mention it somewhere else on the site, but my first car was an incredibly bitchin' 1974 Chevy Nova. It was slightly a hand-me-down from my father, since he drove it for a year or so before I could, but he bought it planning on letting me have it when I was 15. I've looked around a lot, and I think this just might be the ONLY picture I have of it too. Looking at this car again, I can't believe how much it looked like the car I used to have her in Brooklyn. But that I had to GIVE away when those creeps at Hodes laid me off, because I couldn't afford the parking lot or insurance anymore.

The piece of crap next to my Nova is the Corvair that my father stuck me with the summer before I left for college since he was still mad I decided to go to L.A. instead of somewhere "East of the Mississippi." After an extremely clever campaign of whining and other shenanigans, I got the Nova back my sophomore year.