The Dorrit Show: Four Eyes

You know, I really do not like how I look in these glasses. But as I mentioned in the previous picture, I originally had these taken with the plan to give one of them to my girlfriend at the time. She used to say she absolutely loved the way I looked in these, hence me in these glasses. (I just do not see it...and apparently she stopped seein' it too!)

Also, as I said before, there was no PhotoShop magic worked on these. That's right, this is the first photo on my site where you can actually see a wrinkle in a picture of me. Several, if you look closely. Crap, I shouldn't be drawing everyone's attention to that, should I?

Oh, and does anyone know where I can get a filter like the one they shot Doris Day through for the opening of her TV show from 1968, "The Doris Day Show"? You could barely see her, let alone her wrinkles. I'll take two.