The Dorrit Show: Hey look, I'm Paul McCartney

I needed a current picture of myself and since I basically look nothing like any of the rest of these anymore, that meant taking a new photo. I was about to rope someone into taking a few of me, but then remembered I had already done that last fall. I had planned to give one of them to my girlfriend for Christmas. (Yes, the photo would have been a very small part of her gift. Who am I, Scrooge McDuck or something?) I don't really remember what happened, but I never got it together to do for Christmas. And then after that, well, you know.

And I believe this is the first time I haven't worked any PhotoShop "magic" on these two photos. Seriously. I mean, the point is that I needed them to look like me now, not me three, or five, or 20 years ago. (If only!) To quote Mick and Keith, "what a drag it is getting old," but what can you do? I actually like this one, though, despite the fact that it really is an accurate representation of look how I currently look. Man, I never thought that would happen!