The Dorrit Show: British Schoolboy or Lesbian Poster Girl?

The backstory for this photo is complicated, so try to follow along. I got a bitchin new jacket--navy melton, short, boxy cut, with exquisite piping that you might not be able to see in this photo, but that makes the whole jacket. Anyway, it reminds me of a British schoolboy blazer, so the first time I wore it, I matched it with my new saddle shoes, baggy grey and white striped pants, and a white shirt with a tie (open collar, not tight). That morning when I came downstairs Terry said, "Is today dress like a British schoolboy day?" So I knew my look was successful.

Later that same day at work, my boss said since I looked so nice that day, did I want to be the photo they wanted to use in another Phone Home release we were sending out. I said yes, but obviously had to crop the photo pretty tight, so all you saw was me pretending to talk on the phone and my tie and jacket.

The photo ended up getting cut (thank God) and replaced with the PH logo, but I sent Terry a version with me still in it. And she said, "Jeez, you look like the lesbian poster girl in that tie." We're actually fairly fond of lesbian poster girls at the TF, but I replied, "That's only because you can't see the rest of my outfit. And you wouldn't say that if you could see the lingerie I'm wearing underneath all this."

I guess the bottom line is, you have to decide if I look like a British schoolboy or more like the lesbian poster girl. And no, there will be no pictures of the aforementioned lingerie; I have no desire for people to scream "MY EYES!" and then lose their sight.